colors that compliment purple,What colors go well with pink?

Pink will sit well with colours close to it on the colour wheel, like reds, and purples. This would be an analogous scheme,For a complementary theme, you could use green with pink.,For contrast yellow, blue, and orange can work.,It will work with black, white, and grey, silver, and gold too.

Why is environmental sustainability so important to teach to our children?

Todayu2019s children are tomorrowu2019s adults.,The ideas that we inculcate in our children will guide their entire lives.,The environment, society and economy are interconnected . Environmental sustainability will assist in improving the other two and leading to a better tomorrow than today.,Personally, I want my children to live in a better world

2 ingredient banana pancake recipe,How do I make 2-ingredient banana pancakes?

Two ingredient banana pancakes are made with a banana and an egg. Just mash the banana with a fork, beat in the egg until it is relatively smooth, and fry on a griddle or skillet. Thatu2019s it. Of course, a pinch of salt makes them a bit sweeter, and you need oil or butter to fry them, so thatu2019s actually four ingredients. Five if you put honey

If a catalyst lowers activation energy by equal amounts for both the forward and reverse reaction, shouldnt the equilibrium be changed as according to the Maxwell curve, the ratio of particle with enough activation would be different?

The catalyst lower the activation of both the forward and reverse reaction. Because these two activation energies will not be equal (generally), the equal drop in value is a greater fractional drop for on than the other. This will affect the Boltzman Factor (fraction with sufficient energy), affect the rates of the two reactions differently and so

dream of snake bite on hand,What is the interpretation about snake biting on foot dream?

Since my childhood I am hearing that if snake appears in your dream, it is indication of good news. If snake bytes then itu2019s extreme good news as my grandma and other people used to say but I am not agree with concept. I saw snake many time in my dream but nothing good or bad happened. It is my personal experience about snake dream. But it is s

Why does my Android always say insufficient storage space if I have enough room?

The Android storage space is 'partitioned' into different areas. For example, I have an old 4 GB Android tablet, but only about 400MB exists in the partition where software is installed.,In my case, I am running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and some applications will let you "move them to the SD card" (which is really just built in, permanent s

In total, how many minutes of video have been posted on YouTube?

First some facts:,Youtube is the 3rd most visited website EVER,It is the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet,1,300,000,000 people are signed up with a YouTube account,300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!,Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day,YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day,Think abou

What does 20-year amortization mean?

20 year Amortization is the process of spreading out a loan (such as a home loan or auto loans) into a series 20 fixed payments. While each monthly payment remains the same, the payment is made up of parts that change over time.

How can I sign up for GDAX or Coinbase Pro as a student with no income?

Go online and sign up.,You donu2019t have to have income to open a bank account, or a brokerage account, or a cryptocurrency exchange account.,You just need enough money for the initial deposit for the account you are opening. In the case of a cryptocurrency exchange account, that amount is zero.

Are IISERites happy with IISER?

Letu2019s stitch together a throwback.,July 2012 (The day the admission list was displayed):I downloaded the PDF with the names of the students selected to be admitted to various IISERs from the portal website, hit ctrl+f, and typed my name. There it was, highlighted in a bright yellow shade, u201cBalraj Rathod IISER Kolkata.u201d Perhaps, now that

What professional skills I should learn to make my resume strong?

A resume can make or break your career efforts, hence putting the right measures to build an effective resume are essential for career success. Apart from job-specific skills, there are a set of soft skills fundamental to almost every job role.,You might have a high knowledge of technology or any other skill for that matter, but it would be ineffec