Without nukes, what are the top 10 militaries in the world?

The USA.,Russia.,China,India,France,Japan,South Korea,The UK,Turkey,Germany,Curiously, all ten have been involved in at least one of the last two world wars and six of these militaries also hold nuclear weapons, although Global Firepower does not take nuclear weapons into account. This list is taken from Global Firepower.,The other three nuclear st

Will Ireland leave the EU after Brexit?

Support for EU membership was higher in Ireland than in most EU countries before Brexit.,After Brexit, support for EU membership has increased in all EU countries. That's because we see clearly what the result is, without jingoism and propaganda. Even political parties that had it in their platform have dropped it, since it's a vote loser.

What are some concerns with genetically modified organisms and food? If GMO food has the potential to dramatically increase our food production, why is it so bad?

Most science-based anti-GMO claims are based on potential threat. That maybe the GMO food will be bad for people, maybe it will be bad for the environment, etc. While potentials always exist, assuming all GMO's will be dangerous has no basis in scientific fact. The technology of GMO is perfectly safe, and all GMO crops produced so far are safe for

How does Gopal Kavalireddi calculate the target price of a stock?

Calculation of the price target of any stock is the final part or conclusion, after completion of the fundamental analysis. I have given in my earlier answers on how to do fundamental analysis. Hence I will not cover it again, but proceed further with arriving at the price target.,Loosely used term, u2018Intrinsic valueu2019 is defined as the fair

What are the biggest challenges of working from home?

1. Intermittent internet outages are a major headache. This is a major concern, especially during the rainy season when there are not only frequent power cuts but the internet is also not available for an extended period of time. As a result, productivity suffers.,2. Added electricity bills are a major concern. You are required to keep your system

What are the best digital marketing strategies?

Having an effective communication channel is the best long and short-term strategy and is fundamental for a profitable business. A direct communication bridge between you and the customer creates various income opportunities while expanding the client base with regular purchases.,Despite the effectiveness of traditional digital marketing channels l

morgan spurlock super size me,Is it unhealthy to live entirely off McDonalds food if you eat a moderate amount every day and choose optional salads?

Eating nothing but McDonaldu2019s food every day would be fine, and although it may not be the healthiest diet, it could still be in the top 5% of healthiest diets of people you know. Here are some things to consider:You can buy grilled chicken, salads without dressing, fruit, dairy (without added sugar), and a variety of meat-based, low sugar brea

indian vegetarian soup recipes,What is the recipe for lemon coriander soup?

The best way to live a fit and happy life despite this daily inconvenience, is to boost your natural immunity, and including vitamin C rich foods in your diet is one way of achieving this. Thatu2019s all the more reason to enjoy this delicious Lemon and Coriander Soup made with vitamin C rich ingredients like lemon, coriander, carrots and cabbage.

chick fil a why are they closed on sunday,Why is Chick-fil-A closed on Sundays?

This is one of the questions whose answer is not in in dispute or open to discussion. If you go to Chick-fil-Au2019s web site, you can get the full story:,Our founder, Truett Cathy, made the decision to close on Sundays in 1946 when he opened his first restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia. Having worked seven days a week in restaurants open 24 hours, T

2017 year of the chinese zodiac,What are 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac?

Chinese Zodiac Calendar: Facts, History And More!Chinese Zodiac Signs With Their 5 Elements,Are you an explorer? Are you an astrology enthusiast who loves to study various zodiac calendars? Or are you curious to learn various astrological trends and compare your personality traits from one zodiac school to another? If any of these is what interests

in the new world with my smartphone,Can you write 100 things about yourself?

u201c100 things about yourself.u201d,Hahahahahaha, no just kidding. In the 99 answers, there has to have been that one somewhere. Probably collapsed.,Hereu2019s a real list,I live in Iowa, the United States. I grew up on a farm four miles outside of a small sized town of several thousand people here.,I have such a corny sense of humor, itu2019s eas

pepperoni pizza ingredients,Is it true that pepperoni pizza is not a thing in Italy?

In Italy we can find in pizzerias, in bakeries or in street food stands something similar to what in the United States is known as u2018pepperoni pizzau2019, but we never would call it that way.,The simple reason is that peperoni in Italian means: u2018bell peppersu2019 (while we call chili pepper peperoncino, which would be u2018small pepperu2019)

Submitting an MA in media studies in 2 days, Ive proof read my thesis and my supervisor is satisfied with it but I was wondering, how much of an influence do supervisors commentsrecommendations affect the way examiners would mark your work?

I am not sure I understand your question. I tried to suggest edits but the system would not save them. Here is what I think you are asking:,I've proofread my MBA thesis and my supervisor is satisfied with it. I was wondering how much of an influence supervisors' comments/recommendations affect the way examiners mark one's work.I would say those com