What is the impact of environmental factors on business?

From the sound of it, it may seem that environmental factors have very little to do with business. On the contrary, though, environmental factors can affect many different important aspects of business. Examples include customer willingness to buy a product (who needs heaters in a hotter climate?), employee efficiency, and crop/resource availabilit

architectural trees drawing,How does your NIT campus look like?

Warning: This is going to be a really long answer ( not in terms of words though!),TL;DR: It looks awesome and I fell in love with it from the first day itself!,Long answer: Established in 1961, National Institute of Technology Rourkela( formerly Regional Engineering College, Rourkela) has the second largest campus in terms of area among technical

What is an independent variable in science? What are some examples?

The dependent variable is the thing you measure. The independent is the thing youu2019re manipulating. Example: company is doing an experiment to see if a new drug decreases depression. One group gets the drug and the other gets a placebo. After 2 months the company asks everyone to fill out a depression scale. The depression scale scores is the de

miracle prayer to get a job,If I am Catholic, but I do not agree 100% with everything that the Catholic Church teaches, does that make me no longer Catholic?

No.,I have honestly never met a Catholic - even among bishops - who agreed with absolutely 100% of everything the Church teaches, in the broad sense. Everyone has an idea of what could be changed, what should be prioritized, what might be passe or overlooked.,The Church has, very importantly, what is called the hierarchy of truths. While it has a h

chinese chicken salad dressing recipe,What is the best Chinese food dish? Why?

Chicken Feet with Black Bean SaucenChive and Pork Potstickers (Guo Tie)Tea Eggs (Cha Dan)Fried Sesame Seed Balls (Jin Deui)Shiitake and Bean Curd RollsStir-Fried Eggs and TomatoesScallion PancakesnSweet Sticky Rice Cake (Ba Bao Fan)Sticky Sesame Rice Balls (Tangyuan)Poached Egg SoupnSteamed Or Pan-Fried Pork Buns (Baozi)Tofu Skin Noodles (Fu Pei Gu

easy chicken and pasta recipes,What are some great simple pasta recipes?

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe!Instagram-Worthy & Super Easy To Make!,Is Pasta your comfort food? Well, who doesnu2019t like carbs!,Ok, no just joking. Eating healthy food every day can be the boring cause of the simple fact that there are very few healthy foods which are amazingly tasty. To make them tasty, we have to slog a lot and we ainu2019

how to make your stomach flat,How can I shrink my stomach overnight?

There is no way to lose belly fat overnight but yes you can lose belly fat in a week easily.,Wake up early in morning and drink cumin water which helps you to lose belly fat. If you want to lose belly fat Faster than do yoga for half an hour and do those Asnas where you press your stomach.

foods to eat when you have a fever,If you go to Japan, which food do you order first?

Most likelyu300cu304au7ca5u300d(u304au304bu3086) /o kayu/: u201ccongeeu201d,Since I do experience motion sickness after being in the same transportation for over 10 hours. Good news is no regurgitate (because I will not eat anything during the flight); the bad news is my ears will get clogged, stomach will forms a knot, and suffer a mild headache.,

how to make homemade croissants,Can you freeze croissant dough without shaping?

Croissants are buttery, flaky and downright delicious. They can be served alone for breakfast, or they can be topped with sweet ingredients for a dessert, or with savory flavors for a meal.,As delicious as croissants are, they do go stale within three days, and you really donu2019t want to be left with a batch of wasted, stale croissants.,If you ha

What is the importance of quantitative research?

The only worthwhile research is quantitative research. While some research may have to do with qualitative subjects, if it is not done in an organized way its results will be less trustworthy. We are in the modern world increasingly demanding that our daily information be based on some approach with scientific accuracy. Our weather reports are esse

teenage mutant ninja turtles cast,Why has Nickelodeon changed The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into a new series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

They havenu2019t changed it, itu2019s just a new series.,The old 2012 TMNT series ended last year of November. Since it did so well, it was to keep the ball rolling and the profits steady by launching another series or version of it.,It just keeps getting rebooted. The first cartoon of the turtles was in 1987, then when that ended they came out wit