chia seeds omega 3 per tablespoon,How much chia seeds should you eat a day?

This greatly varies from person to person, depending on your goal, and what else you are doing to reach that goal. If your goal is to get enough fiber, but only from chia seeds, you may need 3 to 4 ounces of chia seeds. If you are looking to supplement protein because you are vegan, vegetarian, etc. 1 ounce will supply around 10g. In all reality, y

How is monthly interest calculated?

There are different ways of doing this. If you know the rate of interest per annum and the size of the sum borrowed, you can work out the amount of interest for one year. divide your answer by 365 to find out how much per day, and multiply that by 30 or 31, depending on how many days there are in that particular month.,Or calculate the interest for

why do canadian airports start with y,How do airport codes work when there are 17,678 commercial airports but only 17,576 possible combinations of letters?

There are three types of airport codes. Your u201c17,576 possible combinationsu201d refers to possible combinations of three letters.,IATA codes are assigned by the International Air Travel Authority, and are only given to airports that get commercial scheduled flights. (Iu2019m not sure if itu2019s only for international scheduled flights). These

house design with mezzanine in living area,Do Brits envy Londonersu2019 lifestyle?

I have a house in the East Midlands.,During the week, I used to live in a serviced apartment just north of the City of London. Nice place, great landlord and overlooked a famous burial ground which was locked at night. So I had no road noise, a balcony and the top floor. The place had a kitchen / dining room / lounge. One bed room on a mezzanine ab

What happened to the murderers of Junko Furuta?

Honestly, If somebody were to hurt my loved ones like this, I would take the matter in my own hands. I`m sorry, but I would`t wait for justice to come. The anger and the fury inside me when somebody would harm my family, were enough to kill them back, of course giving them the same slowly death. Quick death is never an option. I`m really sorry, but

limited space room design small room,How can I decorate my bedroom with a small budget?

Paint a bright color on a small stool or table. Hang a piece of bamboo off the wall with spacers so you can hang things on it. How about shells in a natural net from the beach? Hide a clip-on garage light behind a plant, facing the wall. Go out one day and look at nature. I found a beautiful slice of a tree trunk by the side of the road. It was har

The Chinese economy is one of the strongest economies and is expected to overcome the USA and lead the world economy table in 2025. Do the people of China feel this privilege, or is it just the government?

I donu2019t think that the Chinese government is bothered about being the strongest or biggest economy in the world. Their main objective is to be able to provide their people with a good life, with no one living in poverty, as well as to be able to defend their country against any foreign power. This will ensure that there will be no repeat of the

how to make hollandaise sauce,What are the best recipes for hollandaise sauce?

There are some great recipes here from many experienced cooks! A couple of important things.,a) Whip the egg yolks vigorously until slightly pale and doubled in size.,b) A little water, maybe a tablespoon at a time, allows the sauce to take a lot more butter. This is useful for being able to control the weight of the sauce and how tight it is.,c) H

Why is methane part of the greenhouse gases?

All gases with 3 or more molecules are greenhouse gases. This is because with 3 molecules, they can bend, twist or vibrate in ways that diatomic gases, such as O2 or N2 cannot. In fact, Nitrous-Oxide is a greenhouse gas as well, with just 2 molecules, which is interesting.,But on methane, or CH4, itu2019s a tetrahedral shape so thereu2019s lots of

barefoot contessa cook like a pro,How do I learn basic kitchen skills?

I find it helpful to quickly look unfamiliar terms up on either YouTube or by simply googling it. Most of the times, it is just a simple technique and reading the definition or watching a short video on it helps a lot. I especially love the short videos on YouTube, since I'm generally either preparing to cook or in the middle of cooking when I deci