where does apple cider come from,Does apple cider vinegar actually contain real alcohol?

It should contain none or very little.,First the apples are fermented using yeast to make cider, what the Americans call u201chard cideru201d, an alcoholic drink. Yeasts eat sugar and excrete alcohol and carbon dioxide. Next the cider is fermented with bacteria called mother of vinegar. Those bacteria eat alcohol and excrete acetic acid. So long as

Is it illegal for a for high school student A to take pictures of high school student B while they are changing their clothes in their car, assuming student B is a minor? What if student A turns them into the police claiming indecent exposure?

Probably?,There are so many different factors here that I can't begin to answer this question without going through a few.,Sex of students involved: If student A is of the opposite sex of Student B then it's not looking too good for Student A. If the student changing clothes is a guy then not so much because we don't really have a lot to show from

nikon d7500 body price philippines,How good is the nikon d7200 vs. d750?

Nikon D7500 is of course a new camera in the market, but on the other hand, Nikon D7200 is not short of any astounding. It employs maximum number of effective pixels (24 MP) for greater resolution images that also provides large prints of the subjects, whereas Nikon D7500 comes with 21 MP resolution.,Have a look at the detailed specs comparison:,Fo

how to get adobe premiere for free,Which is a better all in one video editor? Adobe Premiere Pro (without AfterEffects), Premiere Elements, Magix Movie Edit Pro, or Magix Video Pro?

For those aiming to be professional video editors or motion designers - the word is ''control''. The best app is the one that gives YOU the control. You should control the software, not the other way around.,Ive been a motion designer for almost 20 years, always using Adobe products. By the years, products only got better - faster, cleaner, clever

How do you manage project management (even if you are not a project manager)?

How do you manage project management? Some have taken this to mean how do you manage projectsu2026,However, at our company I wrote our current project management procedures, so the question is not as off-base as it may appear.,(1) In one sense you are almost thinking about the function of the PMO in a large organization, where the project managers

how long should pendant lights hang,How can we select best wall lights?

Picking the right lighting for the various rooms in your home can be confounding. There're splendid lights, faint lights, hanging lights, divider lights, crystal fixture lights, and LED lights; there are countless lights! What's more, assuming you've been to a store that conveys lights, you'll see exactly what we mean.,A great deal of time and exer

What are the four principles or elements of good customer service?

Simply put, customer support stands for serving the clients' needs. However, it's more than just providing answers. Today's customer service plays an important, if not critical, role in the promise that your product makes to its customers. According to Qualtrics XM Institute's report, only one in five consumers will forgive a bad experience if they

sony dslr camera price philippines,How many mobile electronic devices you use daily?

Just 5 on a daily basis!,My HP Elitebook,My iPad AirMy iPhone with my Europe number,My iPhone with my India number,My Sony DSLR camera,Now this list may look funny because I use an iPhone and iPad but not a Macbook Pro. Interestingly I find it more comfortable to work on Windows as opposed to a MacBook when it comes to my laptop. Also interestingly

how to calibrate iphone x battery,How do I change the battery in my iPhone eleven?

iPhone batteries degrade with useu2014over time, they lose their ability to hold a full charge. Apple's batteries are rated to hold 80% of their capacity for up to 500 charge cycles, which lasts roughly 18-24 months for most users. When your battery's chemistry is degraded, it may also cause your iPhone to run more slowly. Use this guide to replace