orange marmalade recipe with pectin,How do I get marmalade to gel with pectin?

Marmalade normally contains zest of citrus; which contains pectinnAll you need to do is cook the marmalade enough (evaporate water) to achieve the proper setting,Please see the recipe below for a good method to decide when the marmalade is ready,Orange MarmaladeMeanwhile, place a small plate in the freezer. Increase the heat under the orange mixtur

How do you find 15 percent of a number without a calculator?

Let's take a number like 135 for which we need to find 15 percent .It can be done by finding 10 percent ,halving it to find 5 percent and adding both. 135 10 percent is 13.5 ,half of 13.5 is 6.75 adding both gives 15 percent : 13.5+6.75=20.25

What are the benefits of a business plan in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is the best tool to communicate your business plan with the audience. It helps to give a detailed description of a company's operations, where it is located, and how it plans to achieve its goals in a short period.,A good business plan PowerPoint template should include an executive summary, strategies, products and services, marketing s

Who is part of the United Nations?

The United Nation have 193 member states which are known as sovereign state and these states have equal representation in the UN general assembly. As there are five permanent members of United Nation Security Council which consist on China, France , Russia, UK and USA and the important thing is that these countries have the veto power as they can r

Why is Russia so dangerous?

Consider this:,The size of Russia is bigger than that of Pluto. If Siberia were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. Russia stretches about 10000 km east to west, which is almost three times the diameter of the moon, one-and-a-half times the diameter of mars and just 2000 kms short of earthu2019s diameter.,Russiau2019s total natur

easy homemade pasta recipe,Is Jamie Oliver aware that just because he can create a wholesome, elaborate meal in 15 minutes, I, for one, couldnt create a vaguely similar dish in 30 minutes?

Are you aware that with practice, you most certainly CAN put a wholesome, healthy meal together in 15 minutes?,Yes, Iu2019m being serious.,Letu2019s get one thing straight - Jamie Oliveru2019s 15-minute meals are NOT elaborate. The recipes are simple, straight-forward meals that pack as much as possible into a single recipe.,Now, understand, there