homemade chicken gravy from drippings,How is gravy made without broth?

To make a clear gravy from meat drippings, you simply need to deglaze the roasting pan with water; no need to use broth. Strain out the solids, add a thickening agent (such as cornstarch dissolved in a bit of water), and cook until thickened.,If you donu2019t have meat drippings, what you are making isnu2019t strictly gravy, perhaps, and I donu2019

chocolate torte with ganache,Can you share a photo of the best dish you make?

This is likely the best dessert that I make from scratch (or at least my most recent new item). Itu2019s a 4 layer chocolate torte with homemade sour cherry jam and marzipan between the layers and a chocolate ganache with Grand Marnier liqueur as the frosting.,I also make a fairly decent fruit tart also from scratch with a Sablu00e9 Briton crust (j

What is your favorite "going the extra mile" customer services story?

Citibank turned Nita shah's worst nightmare into a nonevent.It was late at night and Nita had to catch a flight next morning at 6:00A.M . As she was rummaging through her purse looking for papers at 10 in the night, she realized that she had left her Citibank card at a store where she had gone shopping earlier in the day.,The shop would be closed a

empanada dough ingredients,How do I prevent pierogi dough from turning out too thick?

How do I prevent pierogi dough from turning out too thick?By u201ctoo thicku201d do you mean you canu2019t get it rolled out enough, or itu2019s too dry?,If the issue is with rolling, Iu2019d suspect you added a leavening agent like yeast or baking powder. Both are pretty much a no-no in these types of doughs because what happens when you try rolli

What is the best type of government?

In my opinion:,Benevolent Dictatorship/Authoritarian: and the leader takes ideas from expert people of their field before taking any final decision in any major issue

philippines to los angeles time,How did the Filipino Americans become the largest Asian Americans in the United States, second to none except the recent Chi-Am?

To arrive at a short and concise answer, please remember that the Philippines was a colony/protectorate of the US and a member of the US Commonwealth. This was from 1989 until the start of World War 2.,Being a territory of the US, the US allowed Filipinos to go to the US, particularly to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and all the way to Ala

What are biological solutions to societyu2019s data storage problems?

Researchers have proposed to use DNA to store information. Although it can potentially store more information in a given volume, it has lots of challenges; Currently, data is read and written at a frequency of several hundreds of MHz (almost 1 bit for every 2u20135 ns) (ignoring the time spent in seeking information, which takes a ms or so). Althou

homemade banana pudding recipe,What are good ways to make ice cream without sugar?

Use Splenda or Stevia instead of sugar.,SUGAR FREE ICE CREAM,3 lg. pkgs. sugar free pudding (kind to cook)n3 lg. cans skim evaporated milkn2 boxes (8 eggs) Egg Beatersn4 tbsp. Stevia,Mix well and cook until it begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cool. Use hand mixer to beat out any lumps. Refrigerate overnight. Add 2 tables

how to make your own buttermilk,How do you make buttermilk substitute in the UK?

I guess the same way that we do in the US, or indeed any other country.,Take a cup of milk add a tablespoon of vinegar (or lemon juice) stir and leave on the counter for 30 minutes.,Or take two tablespoons of cream of tartar, mix thoroughly with two tablespoons of milk in a measuring jug. When all the lumps have been worked out, top up to the 1 cup

how to make sour cream dip,Whats the most authentic Turkish sweet?

I will tell a unknown and forgotten tastes of the Turks. Matter fact one of the oldest .,Everybody knows baklava, lokma, su00f6biyet , kuu015fburnu.,but few people know this ancient taste..This is a Pekmezli Su00fczme (fruit syrup on yogurt or sour ayran),Pekmez or old turkic (bekmez[1]) all most 3000 years old . known by many cultures and various

snacks rich in carbohydrates,Does high protein food intake accelerate weight-loss?

Its very common to follow a protein rich diet for weight loss and a lot of people end up thinking protein is some kind of amazing fat burn entity. But there are a lot of myths associated with these diets and here are some simple facts about them.,Protein is basically chains of amino acids. In layman terms amino acids are building blocks of our cell

simple recipes with cheddar cheese,What are some simple, healthy yet filling recipes that are approximately 400 calories and are suited to those who dislike vegetables?

One of my childrenu2019s favorite dinners that didnu2019t take lots of time: (Sorry that I donu2019t include amounts. This is something I just winged one night when I wanted to make something Tex-Mex that the kids might like.),Chicken Covered in Salsa/Vegetables in Rice (serves 4),For the chicken:,Ingredients:Chicken piecesJarred salsaCheddar chees