are organic eggs really better,What is a life hack that you think everybody should know?

17 life hacks every adult should knowLife as an adult can be tricky, and I'll pretty much embrace anything that makes it easier. Here are a few low-key genius hacks that will solve those everyday problems you didn't even know had solutions.,Use this plastic wrap travel hack to save your luggage from leaky bottles.There's no horror equal to that of

falling dream meaning,What does it mean to fall in love in a dream?

The anima is the part of the brain which fulfills our psychological desires. It is controlled by the Instinctive Drives in our psyche. If someone has never experienced a particular desire or is missing the act of a particular desire, then our anima fulfills those desires through our dreams and imaginations.,For example: if a person has never experi

creative flower arrangement ideas,If you want to wear a small arrangement or a bouquet made of real flowers on a dress, what ideas do you have that it stays nice and fresh for several hours?

The old solution is from about 100 years ago, and that was a small blown glass vase ( about 2 inches long) made with a pin back on it. You filled the vase with water and placed the freshly cut flowers in it. There was no refrigeration then, yet people still wanted to wear flowers on their suits and dresses. I have found 2 of these of different desi

What was your first social media profile?

orkut.comSo Iu2019m a 1995 born guy from India, and Iu2019m pretty sure most of the children born during my era must be having Orkut as their first ever exposure to social media. It was a big thing during our days. Scraps, Testimonials, Connections, everything seemed so fancy and satisfying and intriguing for young minds.,Today surely the world has

chocolate oatmeal bars recipe,How can I make oatmeal cookies without flour?

You can make no-bake oatmeal bars with peanut butter, chopped nuts and a little melted chocolate. I donu2019t really have a recipe for this, because itu2019s different every time, based on whatu2019s in my pantry. Start by toasting the oats on a tray for about ten minutes at 325F. Just warm the peanut butter in the microwave for a few seconds, unti