small white bathroom ideas,Whats your favorite bathroom tile design?

Beautiful Bathroom Tiles Designs:When it comes to bathroom interiors the very first thing that comes to our mind is the tiles. You would be amazed to know that just by changing the tiles of your bathroom you would be able to renovate your whole bathroom.,Tiles are the must-have thing in any bathroom that cannot be skipped in anyways so the idea her

kitchen cabinet organization ideas,What are some of the best DIY kitchen ideas?

There is a ton of kitchen cabinet organizers such as slide out waste bins, shelves, cutting boards, wine glass holders, etc. that will add a lot of convenience. If you are going to keep the kitchen cabinets there are a lot of retrofit kits or DIY plans that can help you make them more efficient.,Rockler has a lot of items, and is a good place to st

How do banks calculate interest on savings accounts? My bank gives interest once in three months. If I make many transactions within this period, how the interest is calculated?

Calculation:If you have u20b9xxx then interest you accrue will be 4% of u20b9xxx then divide it with 365. For u20b91000, interest accrued will be 4% of u20b91000 = 40, then divide it with 365 for the interest accrued for the day which will be equal to u20b90.11.,Illustration:From 1st - 5th December your account balance is maintained withu20b910000.

how to make chicken cordon bleu,What is Emmentaler cheese used for?

Emmentaler or Emmenthal cheese has been used to bring much fame to a particular region of Switzerland for over 700 years. This is the classic cheese with holes. It is great by itself, all mild and smooth but full of nutty flavor and it is wonderful cooked or melted in thousands of recipes. Because the secrets of this cheese were not protected early

how to make perfect risotto,Is mushroom risotto Italian?

Yes. Risotto is a unique way to cook rice typical of Italy, in particular of northern Italy where the most suitable varieties of rice, for example 'Carnaroliu2019, are grown. So, any authentic risotto is Italian by origin.,Risotto ai funghi is among the most popular ones (funghi means 'mushroomsu2019), especially in this season (autumn/fall), often

instagram story highlights download,Which status saver app should I use in 2021?

All in One Photo Video Downloader App,All In One Photo Video Downloader is an Android All Social Media Video and Image Downloader App. You can Save Likee, Facebook, Whatsapp, WA Business, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram Videos and Images, with our App. You can Download Likee and Tiktok Video Without Watermark. You can easily share them from the App.

best budget portable gaming monitor,What are the best monitors for a gaming PC?

Well, having purchased a monitor to cater to my gaming requirements just a few hours ago, after extensive research over a period of eight days, I would state that when it comes to buying a gaming monitor, one of the most crucial factors that influences the decision of purchase is the refresh rate of its display panel -,Refresh Rate of the MonitorTh

Would an amendment proposed by McConnell to the Patriot Act be passed to let the FBI collect records on Americans web-browsing and search histories without a warrant?

I think it will pass, yes.,Unfortunately, most Americans have been sold on the idea that the Patriot Act is necessary for their own protection: ironic, really, that you consider that the party that so often speaks of itself as being the only entity to stand up for true liberty in the United States is so often the one most hell-bent on curtailing it

modern rustic interior design,What are the most common interior design styles?

MID-CENTURY MODERNThis iconic style is known for its unadorned design and minimalist shapes. Mid-Century Modern tends to use natural wood in its construction and warm finishes. The solid colored upholsteries are used to emphasize the "raw" design with few ornamental elements.,Mid-Century Modern Inspirations,TRADITIONALClassic silhouettes, noble uph

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

As per my opinion, social media is utter garbage and here is why:,It is a breeding ground for perverts:There are perverts who send creepy messages to unknown women in their social media inbox without the dear of consequences. Perverts are everywhere, be it Facebook, YouTube or any other social media platform.,It makes you feel bad about yourself by

no bake cookies no peanut butter,What are some good recipes for no bake cookies?

NO BAKE CHOCOLATE OATMEAL COOKIES n2 c. sugar n1/2 c. evaporated milk n1 stick oil n4 tbsp. cocoa nBoil for 1 1/2 minutes. Add: n1/2 c. peanut butter n3 c. oats n1/2 tsp. vanilla nDrop on waxpaper by spoonfuls or put in cake pan and cut into squares. nNO BAKE SUGAR COOKIES n1/2 c. milk n1/2 c. butter n2 c. sugar nBring above ingredients to a boil f