According to statistics, what country is most close to gender equality?

No. Some countries are a lot closer than other countries, but thereu2019s zero countries on this earth where women and men enjoy complete equality.,Itu2019s complicated to even define though. What does gender equality mean?,Does it mean that all the laws of a country are gender-neutral?,Does it also include equal expectations and opportunities for

lucky number as per date of birth and time,How can I find my lucky number?

Add numbers of your date of birth until it becomes a one digit number. ,For Eg someone's date of birth is 05/03/1992 (5th March 1992),Then lucky number = 0+5+0+3+1+9+9+2n=29(its a two digit number so lets add its digits) n=2+9n=11(its a two digit number s lets add it again) n=2(finally we got his lucky number)

a powerful free online image editor,How do you edit photos for free online?

Its quite simple. There are numerous free photo editors available online that you ca use to edit image of almost any format. These free photo editors not online provide basic features of cropping, adding text, applying effects etc. but also provide you with advance features like watermark remover, background remover, engraved text, GIF image creati

clothes cabinet for small spaces,Is it weird to wear slippers at the office in America?

It depends on the office.,My last few office jobs, it would have been a major HR issue, with possible write-ups and discussions. Hell those offices made issues of some othopedic/medically required footwear at times.,The office I am in now, it is not uncommon to see people wearing slippers. One woman in the office I am in now has a small u201cwardro

How does the router know the destination Mac address?

To answer this question you need to know how routers do the forwarding decisions. I will do my best to make it simple but accurate as possible.,Router have what is called u201cRouting Tableu201d which basically a list contains all the networks the router knows how to reach. Routing tables are filled either manually or automatically. Their routing t

types of glasses and their uses,What is the best whiskey glass available?

Depends. for nosing -The Glaincairn or any other Copita nosing glass is considered industry benchmark, however sometimes nosing is not the only element. many people like to enjoy their whiskey without going through the process of nosing, tasting and identifying notes. for these people the choice of glass is individual.

How to write reply to email for interview?

Ideally, by saying something like u201cOK, thanks, just what I was hoping for. Iu2019ll be there, at [place] at [time] on [date]u201d.,The interview request is exactly what you have been looking for. What i your hesitation about giving an immediate agreement?

Whyare variables important in research?

variables guide the researchers to persue their studies with maximum curiosity. variables also determine the cause and effects in research.,Vaiables are independent and dependent variables The independent variable is the variable the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable. The dependent var

what time is it in seoul south korea,How do South Koreans study?

All of the other answers look really good! I guess Iu2019ll take part of it, too.,Iu2019m in my 2nd year of middle school in a very u2018educatedu2019 neighborhood. Almost everybodyu2019s parents are either scientists, professors, doctors, or businessmen.,Kayla. A. Jou2019s answer is an understatement to how life is for students in Korea. I have it

Whats the history of the collapse of the Soviet Union?

The USSR bankrupted itself because of the inbuilt inefficiency of economies based on Socialist ideas.,Socialism prides itself on its moral supremacy: u201cman is the measure of all thingsu201d. But if social justice is the highest value of all, you must work towards that goal, no matter the cost. No place for penny-pinching in the noble mission of

smartphone with dual front camera,Why is an under screen camera needed in a smartphone?

An under screen camera is not needed in a smartphone. In fact, no front camera is needed unless youu2019re doing videoconferencing (the original purpose of the front camera), video calling, or youu2019re into selfies.,And in fact, very few phones have under-screen phones. Back in the days of phones with large u201chatu201d and u201cchinu201d bezels