wooden tiles design for living room,What is the use of wooden tiles?

Due to the fact that wooden tiles are durable and require zero maintenance they are a go to option for house owners these days. The good thing about wooden tiles is that you can also use them on your floor and also on your walls to add that glowing effect and the another good thing is that there are plethora of designs for one to choose from. If yo

What is academic English?

Academic English is a specific way of writing for a specific audience (other academics). It is more formal than normal English, but also has a number of other characteristics that people might not normally be aware of.,The University of Leeds describes it as u2

black & white snake pictures,Why does China dislike black movie stars?

Not to over generalize, many if not most Chinese have not developed the sophistication of appreciating beauty and/or admirable features of different races of people. At the risk of calling them u201cdiscrimatingu201d, many of them have rather simplistically predictable preferences, or, shall we say collective preferences. Other than beauty of succe

How much are you allowed to embellish on a resume?

As a professional resume writer, I wouldnu2019t advise anyone to fabricate details of any kind. However. My rule of thumb is - you can say it on the resume, as long as you can back it up in the job interview. If you can speak confidently to the information when asked about it face-to-face - and provide truthful details around your contributions, th

Is Vestige Pvt. Ltd. the number one company in the world?

No it is not. It has no brand value. Please do not fall for its products. My neighbour is a distributor and I did buy a few products as he said he wil get points which will make him earn bonus. It's basically a scam. Let me tell you why.,First they will ask you to attend their meetings and will make you join the company as it has no joining fees. T

What are some interview hacks? I am in a circulation job working as a sales officer. This month is the financial year end, so collection is important. I even report to my manager if a particular center is not paying its outstanding.

Note: This is purely my personal experience.,When an interviewer is asking questions keep following 3 things in mind.,Never give answer quickly thinking interviewer will be impressed. If you answer quickly he will think you knew the answer before. Take time think and give answer. He will think you have derived the answer in front of him.This will g

modern contemporary interior design,What are the most common interior design styles?

Here are some common interior styles that I know:,1. Preppy StyleThis style will brings out the British-American taste. Identical with high society life of Northeast America. The identical of this style is the pattern that applied in furniture, or even wall accents.,2. Art Deco20u2019s, luxury, and elegant. Classic but futuristic.,3. Arts and Craft