ultimate moist chocolate cake recipe,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

EDIT - Iu2019ve added some more photos of recent cakes Iu2019ve done,,I donu2019t frequently take pictures of the food I make, although I do cook almost every day and I consider myself a pretty proficient home cook. I do love to bake cakes and occasionally sell them too, and I am better at documenting them, so here are some of the cakes Iu2019ve do

dying in your dream meaning,What does seeing a dead person alive in dream means?

Not an answer,, but an experienceu2026I .had a dream of my step mother who passed. We were making coffee in the kitchen of her house, that she hadn't even lived in, in many years prior to her death. This information of knowledge clicked my memory of her passingu2026 I look at her and say u201cwait, you're dead" she laughs & says u201cI'm standing r

How does social media analytics work?

It can make sense of your data!Using an analytics tool you will be able to make better decisions based on the information you get from if!,If you want to make sense of your data with stunning visual reports, try Whatagraph!

What is an example of population distribution?

There are three types of population : 1. Dense / More population . 2. Stable / Medium population. 3. Rare / less population . 1. Dense population : Dense populated countries are India , China & Africa in which countries has more population . 2. Stable population : Stable population is a population in which countries provide every need & standard li

creamy cheesy carbonara recipe,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

Here you gou2026,Butter Chicken,Paneer makhani with jeera rice,Chicken spaghetti in alfredo sauce,chicken pasta in white sauce, tomato and cheese bruschetta ( the bruschetta is my cousinu2019s creation),Chicken biryani,Chola pulao,Shredded chicken with bell pepper fried rice,Spaghetti carbonara, Lemon daiquiri and a pathetic attempt at making brusc

webcam with microphone and speaker,What is the best HD camera in the world?

Video Camera Camcorder 2.7K Ultra HD YouTube Vlogging Camera 36MP IR Night Vision Digital Camera Recorder 16X Digital Zoom 3 inch IPS Touch Screen Video Camcorder with Microphone Handheld StabilizerBrand: Actinow,Special Feature: Infrared, Night Vision, Lightweight, Anti-Shake,Video Capture Resolution: 2688u00d71520 2.7K; 1920u00d71080 HD; 1280u00d

vegetarian dinner party recipes,What does our PM modi eat during lunch and dinner?

This artical was written when pm was on 5 day trip to USA .Have a look.Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a five day trip to the United States of America where he plans to meet and hold meetings with some of the biggest names in the finance, IT, media and social sectors along with some senior diplomats and CEOs of top global companies. According to

What types of artificial intelligence are there?

At a broad level - there is Strong AI and there is Weak AI. When we talk of Strong AI, the machine can actually think and perform tasks on its own just like a human being. In Weak AI, the devices cannot follow these tasks on their own but are made to look intelligent. Most of the examples that we around us are Weak AI. Strong AI is currently in ver

What are some examples of the monetary policy?

Congress has directed the Fed to conduct the nation's monetary policy to support three specific goals: maximum sustainable employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. The Fed seeks to achieve these goals by influencing interest rates and general financial conditions. Other federal reserves such as the German Bundesbank has a m