how to polar align equatorial mount,When using a telescope with an equatorial mount, how is polar aligning needed if you want to observe the moon or other planets, as polar aligning is aligning with Polaris?

Iu2019ll add a few more thoughts to the good answers that you have already.,Polar alignment is aligning the RA axis of the telescope to the celestial poles. Polaris is almost a degree away from the north celestial pole. Aligning to Polaris is good enough for visual observing or planetary astrophotography, but not adequate for the long exposures nee

What invention had the most impact on changing the world?

The movable type printing press by goldsmith Johannesburg Gutenberg in 1440.,A Swede named Ottmar Merganthaler invented the Merganthaler Hot Linotype machine in 1886 in NYC that made cheap literature and newspapers possible. He was called the u201cSecond Gutenbergu201d. His invention was like the invention of the internet in the 1990s. Some are sti

how to make laptop cleaning solution,What is the best way to clean a MacBook keyboard?

Iu2019m sure there are better ways, but I have had success using basic premoistened hand wipes like u201cWet Ones.u201d There are purpose built towlettes for that job like Windex Electronics Wipes or Endust Screen & Electronics wipes, but I suspect that they are not that much different than Wet Ones (other than more expensive).,I just power the Mac

Which two metropolitan areas are the world largest?

Well, if you're taking about population, then it would be Tokyo-Yokohama at 37,843,000 people. 2nd would be Jakarta at 30,539,000.,If you're taking about land mass then it would be New York at 8683 Sq km. 2nd would be Tokyo-Yokohama at 6993 Sq km.,Hope this helps!

flight from beijing to frankfurt,What is it like to fly Lufthansa?

I've flown Lufthansa more than a few times in the past ten years (most recently just a few months ago) and here are my observations:,,To the best of my knowledge Lufthansa flies exclusively Airbus planes, which tend to be more comfortable than Boeing planes, especially in economy class. ,The planes are also, as a group, newer and cleaner than the p

on ear vs over the ear headphones,What are the best over the ear headphones with mic?

There are cycling headphones:n,(Bone conduction, BTW, Aftershokz BLUEZ 2 Bone Conductor Headphones). These are some decent movie-watching headphones:,,Sennheiser wireless headphones ( Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System: Electronics).,Selecting one type of headphone, for a diverse range of use, is going to mean a huge compromi

modern wallpaper interior design,What simple features make a kitchen look more modern?

Nowadays, decorating your room has become a fashion so that you can design and decorate your room in a modern style. Everything in your kitchen room plays an important role to decorate a room but the first impression of a person goes to the wall of your room.,So to make your first impression as a last impression you can add modern wallpaper for wal

What causes the greenhouse effect?

Physics. The greenhouse effect is not simple. The entire planet is involved, from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the atmosphere - at least up to the stratosphere.,RE: u201cWhat causes the greenhouse effect?u201d,Focusing on the surface leads to conflicting conclusions. The surface is important, of course. Most of the light from the Sun

how many minutes do you cook broccoli,How long does it take to steam broccoli?

Assuming you have cold water in the bottom of the steamer when you put the steamer on the heat and start timing at that point, it should take about ten minutes - you want the broccoli to steam until itu2019s still bright green, but easy to push a fork into. Peeling the stems before cooking the broccoli is a good idea - the peel is harder than the f