What is the best free computer protection software for Windows 10?

Internet has made our lives so easy and have become such an integral part of our lives that it is unimaginable to have a life without them. Although internet has its share of benefits, but we can't deny the fact that Internet is a hub of malware. Clicking on a malicious link that infect the system with malware, so it is imperative to have an intern

tv rack design for living room,How is the Home Interiors service provided by NoBroker?

There are lots of interior solution available in market. But if you are looking for something budget friendly and quality service, you can go ahead with NoBroker Interiors. We have given end to end contract for our new home to NoBroker Interiors and they have taken care of it all. It started with the design phase where we were given a complete idea

is it ok to eat eggs at night,What is it like to live without a large intestine?

It is a bit of a problem; I had my large intestine completely removed in 2010 due to a wicked case of Ulcerative Colitis, in which my bodyu2019s immune system decided my colon was an invader and had to be attacked.,I have to wear a bag that attaches to the lower right of my belly, just above the belt line. Various caulk-like sealants are used to ge

scandinavian minimalist interior design,What are some unique aspects of design one should understand when doing web product design in China vs. in the US market?

Way back in 1999, I worked as editor at a fledgling Chinese portal (long since defunct) with both a Chinese and English side. We hired a Scandinavian designer who impressed me with his cool, clean, minimalist aesthetic. The original idea was that he'd oversee design on both English and Chinese versions. I loved what he did, but native Chinese on st

Why do atoms "want" 8 electrons in their outer shell?

Why do atoms "want" 8 electrons in their outer shell?Because 8 electrons is enough to fill up the first two subshells. After that point any more electrons are going to be added to subshells that are higher energy meaning that they are not going to be as tightly bound (since that's pretty much what higher energy means in this context).Let me give yo

What does it take to be a social media manager?

Thanks for A2A, Kinga!First of all, a social media manager needs to have people skills. To be communicative and smart to reply to comments and handle a crisis, to listen to target audiences and react to their needs. A manager, unlike a specialist, usually has a team to lead and he or she needs to see the big picture, create strategies and analyze t

can i use samsung tv as monitor,How come a computer monitor can be used as a TV but a TV thatu2019s used as a computer monitor results in a bad display?

How come a computer monitor can be used as a TV but a TV thatu2019s used as a computer monitor results in a bad display? This depends on the TV, I suppose, because Iu2019m using a 12-year old Sharp TV as an auxilary display for my desktop (right this moment) and it works fine.,u201cBack in the old daysu201d, when TVs were cathode-ray, analog, devic