different types of child custody,What are the chances of getting sole custody?

The chances of getting sole custody depend on the situation. Is the other parent such a danger to the child(ren) that the other parent will physically harm them? Do you have any proof of this? Even if you do, youu2019ll likely only be awarded physical custody while the other parent gets supervised visitation. If this is not so, then you will be awa

thank you for being my photographer,What are the most clichu00e9d answers on Quora?

Q1- Do you have a pretty smile?Answer- Yes, of course.,This is a candid photo which was shot by my friend.,Actually thereu2019s a story behind this photo. So my boyfriend left me. That day I forgot how to smile. A few days later my photographer friend called me and asked me to get ready for a photoshoot. I immediately got ready as I needed new phot

What are the major characteristics of the Mexican upper class?

I can only talk about my city, but to them is very important the appearances in every moment, going to the supermarket really elegant, buying the most expensive clothes, going to Europe or USA every vacation, they usually go to Catholic and expensive schools, children go to USA to learn English and study part of their high school there. They study

How are variance and standard deviation practically used?

People use both, but for different things. As Jacob Joseph wrote, standard deviation is in the same units as the mean, so it can be used with the mean to set confidence intervals.,Suppose I measured the height of 100 people and got a mean of 1.7 meters and a standard deviation of 0.2 meters. That gives you some idea of the distribution of heights.

classic chocolate fondue recipe,What should I buy for fondue?

Dairy products are delicious and nutrient packed foods and beverages that make most meals better. I would miss them immensely.,What is a cheeseburger without cheddar? n,nWhat is a chocolate chip cookie without a cold glass of milk?n,nWhat is a pizza without mozzarella?n,nWhat is a reuben without swiss?n,,What is a Greek salad without feta?n,,What i

easy desserts with few ingredients,What is the best 3 ingredient dessert you ever had?

Some of the best minimalist Asian desserts I've had:,Nyonya Cendol: redbean-mungbean jelly in icy coconut milk.,Assorted Nyonya Cakes: bite-sized desserts from layered cakes to cookies made with glutinous rice, grated coconut, pandan leaves, coconut cream, and palm sugar.,Sago Pudding with Coconut Cream and Coconut Palm Syrup,Thai Water Chestnut-Ja

industrial kitchen design for small space,What are some of the most sexist ads?

Marketing and Advertising has a huge role to play in attracting and increasing the consumer base of companies and firms by essentially communicating with the audience, to make them more aware and sensitive to their products and services and elicit a response favourable to them.,However, one of the major problems that has been seen in this industry

best camera for fashion bloggers,What type of cameras can we use for photography?

This camera that beats other cameras in innovation and technology by a thousand Milestones. In an Ocean of cameras which do the same, feel the same and produce the same results this has set new benchmarks.,This is Fujifilm x100F. 24 MP compact mirrorless camera10 Quick unique points why this is masterpiece & a revolution in Photography,This comes w

What are the weaknesses of a business like Uber, Airbnb, etc.?

In both the cases of Uber and Airbnb, as well as other shared economy model companies, the largest weakness is the potential for unfavorable regulation. The second weakness is a side-effect of the first, it's investors potentially going cold on shared economy/on demand companies until this regulatory issue is cleared up.,While they've been around f

ice cream ingredients list,How do I make ice cream at home?

When my son was a kid, he was a fan of ice cream (he still is). Buying ice cream frequently was a costly affair in those days(1980s). So I would make ice cream at home very frequently.,This gave me the opportunity of adding seasonal fruits to the ice cream.,But for this you need one ice cream maker which looks like this:,The top part is a motor, wh

Whats your point of view on Vivek Agnihotri s "The Kashmir Filesu201d movie?

A Muslim boy (say, Salman Khan) falls in love with a Kashmiri Pandit (KP) girl (say, Katrina Kaif). Salman and Katrina romance on the Dal lake in a shikara and everything is mushy lovey dovey. Katrina's father gets to know about the romance, insults Salman and prevents Katrina from meeting him. Then suddenly, riots break out in Srinagar city. Katri