time now in riyadh saudi arabia,Whats the difference between UAE and Saudi Arabia?

There are a lot of differences actually. Both maybe in Gulf region, but are like two different worlds,,To begin with, Saudi Arabia is a unitary state, in other words, a very powerful central leadership in form of the King from the House of Saud. Everyone else is subservient to the King and canu2019t even raise a finger at him if they want to. There

is yellow and green a good combination,What are some colors that go well with navy blue?

Navy blue is the bread and butter of every wardrobe and it's no surprise why! It can be worn with almost any colour. A dark navy blue works really well with crisp solid colors such as white/ red/ beige.,This all blue look is just fantastic,you can go with this kind of look too with a red or yellow pair of heel.,Taylor Swift is a street wear pro,she

Who is part of the United Nations?

The United Nation have 193 member states which are known as sovereign state and these states have equal representation in the UN general assembly. As there are five permanent members of United Nation Security Council which consist on China, France , Russia, UK and USA and the important thing is that these countries have the veto power as they can r

how to prevent gas from cauliflower,Which fruits should I avoid during a typhoid fever?

Typhoid Diet: Overview, Foods, and BenefitsTyphoid fever is a serious issue in many parts of the world.,It can cause a range of side effects, including headache, fatigue, stomach pain, and diarrheal .,While dietary changes cannot cure the disease and treatment typically involves the use of antibiotics, some dietary modifications may help relieve it

main course poultry recipes,What are some Indian recipes for chicken?

Hi , you didn't mention if u want chicken main course recipe or starters . Anyway I will share my favourite chicken recipe which is very easy and delicious.,PEPPER CHICKEN,Chicken - 700u2013800gms,Butter - 1 table spoon ( you can use ghee or oil ),Coarse black pepper - 1 tablespoon ( tastewise but since its pepper chicken it needs to be loaded with

How can I spend my $35 to get the best return on investment?

Here's my idea, and it probably won't cost you $35 to do this.,Buy a cooler with a shoulder strap and some freezer bricks (for those not familiar, these are plastic boxes filled with water or gel that you use to keep food or drink cold. You freeze them in your freezer, then put them inside a cooler you take with you.),Whenever you leave home for a

Should I pay extra and close my personal loans which is at 11% interest for 5 years or just pay EMI and invest the extra money in tax saving instruments in India?

Hi,,We do not suggest to invest with money raised via loans.,If you intend to have more than 11% tax free returns,you would have to invest in Equity. Equity markets are uncertain.,And if you plan to invest in debt then returns won't be more then 6 -7% in a fixed deposit. Better to payback & make the emi amount as a SIP to Mutual Fund for equity inv

How does the World Bank work?

The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loansto developing countries for capital programs. It comprises two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA). The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group, and a member of the Unit

Where is Stanford university?

Stanford University is in Stanford, an unincorporated census-designated place in Santa Clara County, California, United States adjacent to the city of Palo Alto and sandwiched between the cities of Menlo Park and Mountain View in the heart of u201cSilicon Valleyu201d. Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford Research Park, and Stanford Shopping

how to print with only black ink,How can I get my HP printer to print without black ink?

It depends on your HP printer model but there is a way to print without a black cartridge (but donu2019t carry on printing with empty cartridge for too long as this can cause some serious damage to your printer, explanation below). Hereu2019s HPu2019s video on how to do this:,BUT if your printer is any of the following models below, then Iu2019m af

How should renewable energy be defined?

Renewable energy has the following characteristics:,It harvests energy from an existing major, ongoing process in the earth's climate or geology,It does not deplete that process in any significant way and/or the energy must be renewed by external inputs in human timeframes,It does not cause extraordinary harm to biological or climate systems as a r