what does it mean to be a pastor,Are Christians duty bound to pay 10% of their earnings to the Church? Pastors say that is given in the Bible and hence Gods word. Do Jews also follow this rule?

Tithing is an Old Testament concept. The tithe was a requirement of the Law in which the Israelites were to give 10 percent of the crops they grew and the livestock they raised to the tabernacle/temple (Leviticus 27:30; Numbers 18:26; Deuteronomy 14:24; 2 Chronicles 31:5). In fact, the Old Testament Law required multiple tithesu2014one for the Levi

best black and white photo printer,Is traditional film photography a dying art, or is there still a merit to using film over digital? Will film ever make a comeback the way vinyl records did?

Wellu2026 maybe. Letu2019s first take a look at vinyl records. They have indeed rebounded lately.,14.3 million units in 2017u2026 not too shabby, eh?,So yeah, some people are buying vinylu2026 but itu2019s not exactly u201cbacku201d. And the largest-selling vinyl album in 2017? The Beatles u201cSgt. Pepperu2019s Lonely Heartu2019s Club Bandu201d, m

What is a doctor of business administration?

1. Doctorate of Business Administration target groups: young graduates vs. senior professionalsPhD in Management and DBA programs address different target groups. Although there may be exceptions, the general rule is: People study a PhD program when they aim at a career in social sciences and eventually want to become a fulltime professor at a busi

simple and easy appetizer recipes,How do we make chips out of bananas?

Original question: How do we make chips out of bananas?There are some very interesting answers and I donu2019t want to take away from any of them - in fact, I may try some.,Here in Peru, banana chips are called u201cchifleu201d and theyu2019re sold everywhere - often cut long ways:,You can get them at the bodega:,I translated this page for the reci

Why is Malaysia listed as having a higher crime rate at 60.66 than other Southeast Asian countries (i.e. being higher than Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam) in the 2019 Crime Index By Country (shown in the below link)?

I guess itu2019s because people reports everything to the police. For example:-,my friend was asked by his cousin to sort out some things with her future Egyptian ex husband over his extra marital affair and a huge sum of money she borrowed on his behalf for their business. Things got heated up when the Egyptian guy said some nasty things and told

procedure in making fruit salad,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

My world revolves around food. Food is the greatest gift to the mankind. Which is why, one should cook with love, serve with grace, and eat with gratitude.,Here are the pictures of some of the family favorites. :),P.S. - If interested, you can find detailed recipes with step by step photos on my website Flavouroma - From Crackle to Garnish :)Rajma

simple modern bungalow house design,How do the houses look in the Philippines?

The Filipino pre-colonial traditional house is known as a u201cnipa hutu201d in English, u201cbahay kubou201d, u201cbalayu201d, u201cbayu201d, etc. in the local languages. It is raised on stilts like most Austronesian houses, with the space underneath used for keeping domestic animals at night (hence why it is usually fenced). The walls are usually

simple bedroom ceiling designs,What are some good designs for bedrooms of small size?

Small bedrooms are a blessing to have a baby-like sleep time. You canu2019t deny that. You have been missing sleeping like a baby for a very long time.,Now the problem is small bedrooms can feel claustrophobic if not appropriately designed. Always remember the utilization of every corner can save up as well create as much space you want. And for th

In order to produce beats, should the two sound waves have slightly different amplitudes, slightly different amplitude, the same frequency, and slightly different frequencies?

The answer can be obtained from the math used to calculate the interference. The beat frequency is determined by the difference between the two frequencies generating the beat. The contrast of the interference is determined by the amplitudes of the two waves. You want the amplitudes to be equal to produce the maximum contrast and therefore a maximu