What shocked you today?

He is from 3906.Disclaimer: This is a conspiracy theory.,I happened to come across a video from YouTube today. The video is about a person who has experienced Time travel in real life.,A person named Paul Dienach a Swiss-German teacher from Central Europe went into a coma state due to severe illness in the year 1922. During this time, he slides awa

How can you do a good job interview?

Iu2019ve interviewed with some dream companies like Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, LinkedIn. And have cracked all of those. Iu2019ve worked with all these companies.,Me in Google Mountain View.,Image source: Instagram [It features more stuff on career-guidance],The first time I gave an interview, it was pretty bad. I had searched the internet for int

Is there a scientific explanation for why the golden ratio (Phi) is present so much in nature, from rings on a flower or acorn, to the human body and many other places in nature?

Ans1: Well, because it has an evolutionary adavantage to it, or something like that! That is why it is found in living things. But, wait! Its also found in non living things and on a much larger scale as well like galaxies. Well those are all just coincidences and you could very well form some other ratio besides this as well easily.,If the above a

What are the most-densely populated countries in Europe?

Itu2019s complicated.,Russia is the largest country in the world, much of Russia is in Europe. You can argue itu2019s Russia, if the Asian part of Russia counts. If not you need to specify further.,If you count Greenland as a part of Europe, Denmark is the next largest with over 2 million square kilometers of territory. But Greenland is on North Am

creative gifts for boyfriend,What are some gift ideas for a long distance relationship?

My wife was always telling me that I am not romantic. This year I wanted to surprise her by giving a special present on ours 40th anniversary. It wasnu2019t easy to do after 40 years.,I made a large framed photo collage from up to 100 pictures. I collect all the old photographs when we were children their teenage years and adulthood the marriage ph

architectural trees drawing,How does your NIT campus look like?

Warning: This is going to be a really long answer ( not in terms of words though!),TL;DR: It looks awesome and I fell in love with it from the first day itself!,Long answer: Established in 1961, National Institute of Technology Rourkela( formerly Regional Engineering College, Rourkela) has the second largest campus in terms of area among technical

what colour goes best with mint green,What colors go with mint green?

Mint color is a combination of blue, green and white. Its intensity depends on the proportions of each component. First you need to identify which materials will you use this mint green. If you put into your bedroom than aqua and pastel blue will be best choice with mint green. Aqua is a great color that is used as an accent color in a room with mi