baby boy names meaning gift of love,What are some of the worst baby names?

You asked:,,Tom Smith, a Senior Biostatistician at the New York Bureau of Vital Statistics, sent me a list of every name given to a child in the State of New York during 1994. It was three inches thick.nnnn2,516 girls were named Female.nnAre there really that many stupid parents in New York? No,

garlic chicken ingredients and procedure,How do I cook a garlic butter chicken recipe?

Recipe for garlic butter chicken:Heat pan: Preheat a 12-inch non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.,Dry chicken (for a better sear): Dab chicken on all sides dry with paper towels.,Toss chicken with flour and seasonings: Sprinkle over flour and Italian seasoning, and season with desired amount of salt and pepper. Toss well to evenly coat (all flo

Why does market segmentation exist?

The understanding of the target audience is crucial for building a viable product or service. Companies use the market segmentation in order to focus their production and marketing campaign on a specific niche of audiences. The market segmentation is defined as the process to divide the large market into smaller and clearly identified segments or g

Can you become a software engineer with a computer engineering degree?

Yes and no (or maybe).,First the no (or maybe), since itu2019s kind of pedantic.,In some places the term engineer is in fact a legal professional designation requiring specific educational certification and opening yourself up to legal action by professional associations if you use the designation without it. Thatu2019s the u201cnou201d.,Now, if yo

What are the top 50 social media sites of today?

1 Facebook,2 YouTube,3 MySpace,4 Twitter,5. Flickr,6 Photobucket,7 LinkedIn,8 Digg,9 Ning,10 Yelp,11 Tagged,12. Squidoo,13 Scribd,14 14. StumbleUpon,15 Hi5,16 Bebo,17 Reddit,18 myYearbook,19 Technorati,2p. Kaboodle,21 Friendster,22. Flixster,23 Xanga,24 Epinions,25 Plaxo,26 MyBlogLog,27. Yuku,28 MetaFilter,29 BlackPlanet,30 Care2,31 GetSatisfaction

what is curry powder made of,What are the nutritional facts found in curry powder?

Curry powder consists of any number of spices and herbs combined and blended. I have one brand of curry powder Rani Brands Hot Curry Powder (Hot Indian Curry Blend) that contains u201cCorriander, Tumeric, Cumin, Mustard, Fenugreek, Black Pepper, Garlic, Fennel, Poppy Seeds, Chillies, Dried Curry Leaves. (No preservatives, no artificial colors.u201d

keto peanut butter bread recipe,How much weight did you losegain during a lockdown?

I have lost 10kgs in 45 days.,I had 2 reasons to reduce weight,Gain self confidence back,Medical condition ( still hasn't cured as it wasn't related to weight gain),Doctors informed me that I was suffering from acanthosis nigricans. This condition has many causes and obesity is one of them.,Doctors told that dark patches on specific regions of my b

salad dressing recipe for keto diet,Is ranch keto friendly?

Most commercial dressings are made with unhealthy oils. Keto friendly ranch is easy to make at home. There are many keto ranch dressing recipes on the web.,If you still prefer to buy it, the brand Primal Kitchen which sold online at Amazon and Thrive Market is made with avocado oil which is Keto friendly. It's possible that Whole Foods carries it t

What are the components of entrepreneurship?

Thou shall not fear failure,Thou must turn a profit,Thou shall stay true to thy self,Thou shall not think short term (only),Thou shall delegate when needed,Thou shall never stop learning,Thou shall implement and execute,Thou shall strive for excellence and think big,Thou shall not measure yourself by the success of others,Thou shall not forget abou

best headphone brands in the world,What are some of the good watch brands?

SMARTWATCHESAre you confused about what to choose from all these brands for smartwatches? Hereu2019s all you need to know before choosing it.,A smartwatch is a wearable computing device that closely resembles a wristwatch or other time-keeping device. First launched in 2004, the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) series of smartwatches came i

modern staircase design for small house,Interior Design: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What are some really impressive examples of small space living?

Lofted beds are a great way to maximize small space. Uses underneath the bed include installing a small office or storage area.,This is a very cleverly built small space. Since there's no natural light, the space beneath the bed is probably used for storage. The stairs pull out as drawers.n,nHere's another loft bed:,,,This is a wonderful small offi

What are vision and mission statements?

It is often said, u201cIf you donu2019t know where you want to be, how are you going to get there?u201d,VISION & MISSION statement form part of the strategic guidelines for organisations to make good decisions. Here are our firmu2019s Strategic Marketing Governance Guidelines which include our Vision Statementu2026,Mission: What our organisation wa

What is the true color of indigo?

If the sky is blue because of the color reflection from the ocean, then what makes the ocean blue?Well, youu2019re starting off with a false premise. The sky is not blue because it reflects from the oceans. Think about it. If that were true, then wouldnu2019t the sky over land be green? Wouldnu2019t the sky over the arctic be white? No, there has t

different kind of green color,Why are so many colors called green when they are blue?

Three possible reasons:,You have issues with color perception;,You are Japanese;,The amount of yellow in them is sufficient to make them green.,Various color palettes do lump certain colors as u201cshades of greenu201d together, but you should keep in mind that color palettes are there to help designers browse through color schemes and combinations