red and black color palette,Why is green always the color added to the red-blue-yellow palette to make a 4-color palette in logos, as opposed to the other secondary colors?

I think it's because the green is the next least proximate color to Red blue and yellow. ,See, Red and Blue are dominant colors in the trio of red, blue and yellow color palette. You want to add one more color, it has to be the one which is least proximate to any of the three. Since Green is closer to yellow, and yellow is the least intensive color

Which countries are located in South America?

From North To South and main national languages spoken:Spanish Speaking:1. Venezuela,2. Colombia,3. Ecuador,4. Peru,5. Bolivia,6. Paraguay,7. Chile,8. Argentina,9. Uruguay,Portuguese Speaking:10. Brazil,English Speaking:11. Guyana,Dutch Speaking:12. Suriname,French Speaking:13. French Guiana (Dependent territory of France, not a free country),

simple healthy spaghetti recipe,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

Here you gou2026,Butter Chicken,Paneer makhani with jeera rice,Chicken spaghetti in alfredo sauce,chicken pasta in white sauce, tomato and cheese bruschetta ( the bruschetta is my cousinu2019s creation),Chicken biryani,Chola pulao,Shredded chicken with bell pepper fried rice,Spaghetti carbonara, Lemon daiquiri and a pathetic attempt at making brusc

Why does Flipkart say that seller doesnt deliver to 676523?

Pincode- 676523 belongs to Malappuram District in Kerala.,There are few reasons because of which the sellers or the marketplace are unable to deliver the product to your pin-code: 676523The delivery of a product to your pin-code location depends on:,The availability of reliable courier partners in your location: Every logistic partner has a list of

What are the best questions to ask an interviewer during a job interview?

Every job interview, like any other conversation in a personal or professional setting, is a two-way street. Itu2019s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the role than whatu2019s in the job description, find out whether youu2019d be a good fit with the company culture, and discover the personalities of the team members who youu2019d be work

How do you calculate standard deviation from sample size, mean, and confidence interval?

This type of problem tests your understanding of confidence intervals in statistics. The typical confidence interval for the mean is a 95% confidence interval.,95% CONFIDENCE INTERVALThis is defined as an interval of values,Mean + or - 1.96(SE),where we have the following definitions:,Mean = sample mean,SE = standard error of the mean = SD/sqrt(n),

What does "swot" mean in British slang?

To swot means to study hard as in swotting for exams. Being a swot can be seen as being a bit nerdy, a person with their nose always in a book. It can also mean being a bit of a creeping teachers pet

buttery mashed potatoes recipe,What is the best mashed potato recipe?

Mashed potatoes are a carrying mechanism for butter and milk. Let that sink in. If youu2019re making mashed potatoes with u201chealthyu201d alternatives, youu2019re making them wrong. Fine, if you like them then thatu2019s all the matters. But mashed potatoes are best made with a metric shit ton of butter and milk.,I use a potato ricer (Iu2019m out

how to cook chicken with peppers,How do I make a simple stir fry?

First, gather the following ingredients: skinless boneless chicken thighs, a red bell pepper, a couple of stalks of celery, an onion, scallions, a couple of garlic cloves, a piece of ginger and a bottle of oyster sauce.,Cut the chicken, pepper, celery and onion into bite sized pieces. Chop the scallions, mince the garlic and some ginger and place e

How does Avast Antivirus works?

Not just Avast, but all Antiviruses work in the same wayThere is a file called u201c virus definitions u201c which all Antiviruses have. In that file there is record of all viruses that are currently available or have been made in the world till date.,When you click on SCAN button, your antivirus start matching your files with virus records in viru

rule of thirds portrait orientation,What is the rule of thirds law in photography?

This example would be better with a landscape but I donu2019t have one handy at the moment. Iu2019ll just use Brianna. Letu2019s say I were to crop the image below, like this.,[1]Itu2019s not bad, but it could be stronger. The rule of thirds states that a point of interest should be placed along one of the intersections of the two lines, or in my o