camera apps used by celebrities,Which one is better, Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom mobile?

To make a better decision, let's assume that there are two kinds of photographers: one who likes to spend more time in processing the photographs, and one who likes to do minimal post processing.,I would suggest Snapseed for the first group as it has a variety of creative tools available to process or edit photographs. Even if you have an Adobe sub

ultimate moist banana bread with oil,What are some banana bread recipes with margarine?

Margarine has long been on the downward slide from favor once we realized that trans fat, what is created when oil is whipped into a solid, was a far far bigger issue to our health than the saturated fat present in butter. Which begs the question as to why the preference to margarine over butter?,Recipes for banana bread abound in internet land, ma

how to add sun rays in lightroom,How do professional photographers retouch their photos using Photoshop and Lightroom? How did they learn to retouch and edit, especially in portraits and landscapes?

Photoshop Clone StampBefore Lightroom existed, I used Photoshop's clone stamp tool to remove dust spots from scanned film. You select the tool, click an area similar to the affected place that's dust-free, and stamp it over the spot.,Lightroom De-SpottingLightroom's de-spotting tool is even easier to use. You paint over the spot or hair, and the pr

traditional jewish food for passover,What is the rule about chametz in an interfaith household during Passover? Is it fair to deny them their allowed food just so I maintain Kosher?

Just u201csellu201d them all the Chametz so itu2019s no longer in your possession and you are fine.,Please donu2019t make the holiday miserable for those who arenu2019t interested in celebrating.,I used to run away from home on Passover and hide out in this lovely bakery, and then stockpile supplies.,You canu2019t have a kosher home destroying your

what part of pork is best for bbq,How long do pork chops take to grill?

I personally prefer my chops more on the well done side, but usually I grill them directly over the flames on bottom rack and once they are seared a bit, I move them to upper rack away from flames and keep checking by feel for doneness.. I usually grill my thick pork chops about 20 minutes.

What are some examples of organic acids?

Citric acid (C6H8O7), malic acid (C4H6O5), tartaric acid (C4H6O6), oxalic acid (C2H2O4) and lactic acid (C3H6O6) etc. are some examples of organic acids.,Some organic acids are found in:,citric acid-lemon,malic acid-apple,tartaric acid-tamarind,oxalic acid-spinach,lactic acid-milk

dream of riding a train,What does my dream mean if I dreamt about being a higher belt than my friends in my martial arts class, even though mine is yellow and theirs black?

Very interesting dream! My personal guess would be: you have a strong desire to be just as good as them one day, if not better.,I think that this particular dream was a positive one - your mind was probably telling you that you have the drive and determination to go much further with your training, and you will likely get there one day, if you want

Is India in Southeast Asia or South Asia?

INDIA Lies in south Asia ( regional grouping here Is SAARC :u2014 SOUTH ASIAN ASSOCIATION FOR REGIONAL COOPERATION),Above is the picture depicting the divisions of asia. You can easily find out India here!,While ASEAN Represents SOUTH EAST ASIAThese are the south East Asian countries .