Can anyone reliably predict the timeline of AI (artificial Intelligence)?

I completely agree with Jan Krikke u2014 there is currently misconception about the potential of AI at present. AI is undergoing a massive research and already started producing wonderful results for humans in various real life scenarios.,Prediction of timeline of some events currently it is beyond the potential of humans. It includes endless possi

What are some examples of summative assessments?

Summative assessment is end of chapter or end of unit testing. A quiz, a test of knowledge or an essay question designed to suss out deep understanding of a pre taught lesson are all examples of summative assessment.

What is the average income for the upper middle class?

There are not generally accepted definitions of middle class in the US. In any case, income would be the least useful measure as a billionaire this year may lose millions and still be a billionaire.,"Middle class" various definitions for USA:,1.tThose aged 30 to 69 with $40,000 to $100,000 in household income or $25,000 to $100,000 in investable as

What is the definition of economic globalization?

Economic globalization means from the BIG MOUTH of the World Wide Web that it refers to the mobility of people, capital, technologies, goods and services internationally.,It is also about how the integrated countries are in the global economy.,It also refers to the interdependencies of different countries and regions that have become a reality acro

top ten desserts in the world,What is the latest dessert trend in NYC?

The Blackout cake is one of the most popular 2022 dessert trends in NYC today, or arguably of all times.,Blackout cake is a traditional American chocolate cake that originated in Brooklyn's Ebinger's Bakery in 1942. This rich, dark sponge cake is filled with thick pudding-like chocolate custard and topped with chocolate cake crumbs.,Dark chocolate,

How do you remember the balance sheet format?

Sir your question is very vague. The Balance sheet is prepared under various laws, Accounting standards, and Indian Accounting standards.,I am assuming you want we used to make in case of proprietorship concerns or a partnership firm. The basic principle is to start with capital & liabilities. Usually, capital balances have some adjustments which a

sea water in dream meaning,I am 21 and my dream is to live life to the maximum and have as many adventuresmemoriesexperiences as possible before I die. How can I make this happen?

Work. Earn. Travel. Food. ,Follow this. Explore all by yourself. Take trips alone. Find good travel mates. Not a huge gang, just a few like minded people. All you need is a map and a bag pack. Visit at least 50 countries. Keep aside a fund for travel each year. Explore India first, SAARC countries next, Middle East, East, South and finally the West

Is it true that recruiters reject a resume in six seconds?

Usually yes. And thereu2019s a good reason for it too; those automated resume submission tools everyone loves to use these days are wasting the recruiteru2019s/HRu2019s time, and hurting your chances of being seen.,In the old days, you could actually read every resume. People generally only applied for jobs they thought would be a fit, so HR at lea

If the Democrats eliminated the filibuster while controlling the Presidency and having a majority in the House and the Senate, how could they cement control of government for the long term?

It is extremely unlikely for Democrats to get stable control of the Senate especially with a working majority.,The thing is you get 2 senators per state, and Republicans control 29 states.,List of United States state legislatures - WikipediaThe net effect of that is it is near impossible for the Democratic party to control the Senate.,The reason Re