Whats after getting a degree in philosophy?

UK answer. ,You can work in any job that any other traditional arts subject (eg. Classics, history, English literature etc) allows you to do. ,My friends with bachelors degrees in philosophy (most often joint honours) have done a mix of consultancy, accountancy, the law, professional philosophy, the civil service, professional politics, journalism,

small entertainment room ideas,What is the best furniture layout in small living room?

Wellu2026 the first step is to start searching Google and Pinterest with keyword u201csmall space living roomu201d second, it really depends on how small the space is. But usually, a small and lightweight sectional or loveseat with a small accent chair would fit nice . you can skip a coffee table and use a nice medium/small ottoman in the middle. i

What are the cons of the greenhouse gas effect?

Greenhouse gas in the atmosphere traps heat rising from the warmed earth and doesnu2019t allow it to escape into space.,There has been a natural balance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere for thousands of years, keeping Earth warm enough for life. The carbon cycle moves carbon in and out of the oceans, land and atmosphere, but this has been over

ten worst foods for prostate health,Is drinking coffee bad for your prostate?

There is some evidence that drinking coffee may reduce your likelihood of developing advanced prostate cancer.,There hasn't been a lot of research into it, but research presented at a conference of the American Association for Cancer Research in Houston in 2009 suggested that drinking 4-5 cups of coffee per day lowered the risk of developing an adv

how to create color yellow,From blue, yellow, pink, green, white and black, can you make brown? The kit is without any orange, red, or purple, so how can my son make brown to contrast his green camouflage on his toy fighter plane?

Pink and green with maybe a tiny tiny touch of black. But try not to use the black if you can avoid it. It'll muddy down the color. Then again, given the situation, you might want a bit of muddying. Just don't overdo it. Even a dot of black can affect the color mix more than you'd expect. A dot of blue might work better than a dot of black, but aga

some recipes for chicken breast,Whats the best way to cook a juicy chicken breast?

If you have the equipment, sous vide is easily the best method for a juicy chicken breast. You can guarantee it is cooked to a safe temperature without being a single degree overcooked. There is zero guesswork involved, so you pretty much canu2019t mess it up. In my experience, this method works even better if you brine the breast beforehand, thoug

how to connect your mobile phone to tv,How do you connect a Samsung phone to a TV?

Connecting a smartphone to a TV is a necessity these days. There are heaps of multimedia files we prefer to share and connect to the TV seamlessly so that all the friends and the family can enjoy the content together. Now there are a couple of ways you can do that. There you go,Smart TV- considering that you have asked this question means you do no

sustainable interior design materials,Is jute a sustainable material?

Jute is a sustainable material ONLY if all inputs into the growing, harvesting and delivery of that Jute is also sustainable.,That means no fertilizer or pesticide in the growth, or carbon credits paid to offset those items.,That means that the Jute is farmed by hand, and delivered by bikes built with renewable energy!,So no, not likely Jute is 100

how to cook garlic butter shrimp,If you only had three more days to live and could theoretically eat 10 "gut busting" meals until you perished, what would you eat?

Day 1:,Traditional Gyros nExtra Tzatziki SaucenLamb KebobsnBattered Onion Rings nBanana Milkshake,Sumgum Wonton SoupnCrab RagoonnSteamed DumplingsnBoneless Spare RibsnGeneral Tsou2019s ShrimpnShrimp w/ Spicy Garlic SaucenHappy Family ( Hold the Pork and Baby Corn extra Water Chesnuts )nPork, Crab, and Egg Fried Rice ( Extra Green Onions ) nCherry G

procedures in cooking chicken adobo,What is the best Filipino dish you have ever eaten?

The Filipino diet is very diverse and differs greatly in the cities to that found in the provinces with many areas having speciality dishes. Coastal regions have excellent fish and seafood dishes, Pampanga region has one of my favourite dishes Sisig a dish made up of pork face,ears and belly with liver.,Pork Sisig Recipe - Filipino Recipes from Lut