Will China hold its position as the 2nd biggest economy?

No! China will NOT hold itu2019s No. 2 position!,China will surpass the USA and the US will be relegated to No.2 while China will be No. 1.,Heu2019s why.,Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017) (Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017)) - Patent Applications. The nation with the most patents will become the te

how to cook risotto rice with water,How do I cook arborio rice, not risotto?

What is Arborio Rice?How to Cook Arborio RiceThere are three popular methods for preparing arborio rice: stovetop, Instant Pot (pressure cooker), and microwave.,Depending on the recipe, the Instant Pot is my favorite way to prepare this rice, but there is something quite hypnotic about watching plump little grains of rice transform into the ultimat

What is a value proposition?

Value proposition is what connects what you are doing to your customeru2019s world. It is why they should care about what you do. A good VP contains the following four elements:,Who (User): This should be defined with as much specificity as possible. A good STP analysis should help define the user. In case of B2B, this could be a business segment/i

Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?

Note: someone merged this question now including Linux as well; my answer relates to Windows and macOS only, pertaining to the original question.,(Last updated in March 2017, using macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta and Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update. Though in mid 2018 this answer needs revising on a few notes, most of it still applies.),n,tl;dr,If youu

What is the p-value in hypothesis testing?

Background: Before understanding what the p-value signifies, it is important to understand what hypothesis testing is. Hypothesis testing uses sample information to test the validity of a claim about the population. That claim is called the null hypothesis, denoted as H_0. If the null hypothesis is proven to be invalid, the alternative hypothesis,

staircase decorating ideas,How do I decorate a wall with pictures?

Rather unusual and un-traditional family portrait.Select frames of the same color, but vary the designA flexible grid pattern is perfect for most family walls.Picture frames of the same size and shape could be used to create an original and stylish du00e9cor.A few family photos displayed on the wall, above your desk or work area, can make this spac

What are the best free email accounts for business and why?

I have Google e-mail accounts. You should have one too for access to Google Analytics. I use AOL e-mails for all my blogs and sites. You can also get Google e-mails with dot com addresses for $5.00 a month. May the force be with you!

background inspirational images,What are the best motivational pictures?

Do you remember this scene from Game of Thrones 6th season ?,Arya is blind and Waif beats her mercilessly.,Arya : "Wait..I can't see",Waif : "That's your problem",In these 2 lines, there lies a very powerful message for the mankind.,If you have a 'problem', its 'absolutely' your own problem. Family, friends and well-wishers can console or inspire y