how to make sweet potato cheesecake,Are there any differences in what southerners traditionally serve for Thanksgiving dinner opposed to people from the rest of the United States?

My father, born in Iowa. always had mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. My mother, born in Mississippi, never did; the main starch was cornbread dressing (donu2019t call it u201cstuffingu201d). I think thatu2019s the most consistent difference between Northern and Southern Thanksgivings.,Cornbread dressing is one of a number of recipes that I think we

How many people use social media?

Thanks for A2A, James Taylor!In 2020, 3.80 billion people were actively using social media.Thatu2019s a lot, right? ;),If you'd like to get more data regarding the usage of social media, you can find them in the report that Iu2019m referring to above. Itu2019s over 200 pages of data, so I guess youu2019ll find there something interesting for yourse

What are some concerns with genetically modified organisms and food? If GMO food has the potential to dramatically increase our food production, why is it so bad?

Most science-based anti-GMO claims are based on potential threat. That maybe the GMO food will be bad for people, maybe it will be bad for the environment, etc. While potentials always exist, assuming all GMO's will be dangerous has no basis in scientific fact. The technology of GMO is perfectly safe, and all GMO crops produced so far are safe for

things you can do with a banana,Are fresh bananas used in banana cakes?

Can you use fresh bananas in smoothies, but not good for banana cakes or banana bread we can use only ripe bananas, but not overripe bananas. Because heat bases the sugar in the bananas come out faster, so you're left with a super-soft and extra-sweet of the final product, So use ripe is perfect for use in banana bread, muffins, and cakesu2026 etc.

fettuccine ingredients and procedure,What would you do if you were eating in a restaurant, and just as you were about to take a bite of your fettuccine Alfredo, a woman at the next table whips out her breast and starts feeding her baby?

The effort I have to make to not answer that question the way I would like to deserves a Nobel Peace prize as well as an Oscar.,Breastfeeding is the most natural and necessary thing on earth for humans. As much as I love breasts myself, lets not forget they are there for the purpose of feeding children. That is their PRIMARY function. It is importa

easy to make salads for lunch,What is your favorite salad recipe?

I always over-order when Iu2019m buying snow crab legs.,Even though I know we can each only eat two clusters, I get seven.,That way I have enough left for a nice Crab Louie salad.,As with everything around Casa Eubank, this is not exactly the traditional version, but itu2019s ours and we like it.,Basically you start with a green salad. Top it with

can you boil sweet potatoes,Can you survive by eating only potatoes - all year round?

As people here have pointed out nutritionally this is not a long term viable option. There are some examples of people doing this short term though for weight loss goals.,Chris Voigt from the USA ate 20 potatoes a day for 60 days straight in 2010 & lost almost 10kg.,Australian Andrew Taylor set out to only eat potatoes for 1 year in 2016, but on th