healthy breakfast for kids,What are some healthy and quick breakfasts?

I am married and both are working. I live with joint family having separate room without kitchen. I think I am eligible to answer this question.,As being with joint family it is not possible for my wife to cook early in the morning, so we decided to get one microwave or else if you have small induction it will also work.,I have 3 equipments - Micro

easy 3 ingredient pasta recipes,What is your best and simplest 3-ingredient recipe?

A quick, easy and tasty preparation here in Sicily is u2018picchi pacchiuu2019. It is pronounced peak-key pa-key-ou. Just the nameu2026,Peel your tomatoes, remove most of the seeds and dice.,Fry garlic in olive oil (letu2019s pretend that is not an ingredient). Add the diced tomato and basil (whole fresh leaves) and switch the heat off.,You may use

what is the best cell phone brand,Which phone is the best phone?

Well, you might get a lot of answers for this question, where people will be just blurting out specs of the smartphones from Redmi, Apple, Google, Samsung and Oneplus. But believe me, all those are cliched 5.5u2033 Snapdragon 835, 625 powered 4 gigs RAM devices. The real phone whom we can give credit as one of the founding fathers of u2018Mobile Ph

how to do cold brew at home,How do I make cold brew coffee at home?

How do I make cold brew coffee at home?I have a new Hario Mizudashi Cold Brewer that makes it easy to grind roasted beans and steep them overnight in the fridge.,Prior to this purchase, I was using a French Press to make my cold brew.,I would still grind my beans and steep overnight but then filtered the brew a second time before decanting into the

What are the 3 most significant ways you showed your leadership skills?

Lead by example - I was running a chess club on campus and as a President (leader) I learnt that the most important trait is not commanding your employees/members but rather leading by example and delegating tasks to make them feel part of the group.,Pass the ball forward - Also, it is important to step back and allow the next generation of leaders

curtains for light grey walls,My bathroom floors and one of the walls are made up of black tiles. What colour should I paint the other walls? What goes well with black tile?

Absolutely any color goes with black. I would consider a very light gray for wall color if my tub and sink are white. You can brighten the space with your shower curtain or a rug. There are also removable stickers, such as big dots in aqua or lime green that can add pizzazz. Or you can stencil some random mandela on the wallu2026not as easy as it l

tiny house interior design ideas,What were some death rituals throughout history?

The Kabayan Fire MummiesDepartment of Tourism of the Republic of the PhilippinesMummification is a fairly well-known practice from ancient times. Most notably, the Egyptians utilized a mummification process that led to todayu2019s clichu00e9 image of a deceased body covered in gauzy wrappings. The discovery of mummified remains in several caves in

low calorie but filling foods,What mistakes slow down your weight loss?

8 worst breakfast habits that make you gain weightThese are the most common mistakes you make in losing weight.,Breakfast is the meal with the most opinions. Some people claim this is the most important meal of the day. But many others skip this meal.,Whether you always start your day with a hearty meal or just enjoy a quick snack, there are a few

Who do you blame for the 2008 global financial crisis? And why?

Sadly, nobody can be blamed. The deregulation of that segment of the financial market caused a housing bubble (which nobody expected). And the housing bubble should have been obvious to everyone.,As far as I know, the "problem" that caused the collapse (in-house dealing) hasn't been "fixed" and so it could be argued that those who trusted the indus

What is the latest technology?

FLYING TAXIS,Meet CORA :u2026,u2026,Cora is developed by Kitty Hawk, a company founded by Alphabet CEO, Larry Page.,But CORA isnu2019t just your average aircraft. Itu2019s a self-piloting aircraft, all electric.,As in - AUTONOMOUS.,Itu2019s an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi.,TOP Speed- 93 mph,Range- 62 miles,It takes

how to create a star in photoshop,How do I make a fireworks logo animation on the occasion of Independence day happy 4th of July 2022 American holiday?

Thank you for your question! Creating a fireworks logo animation to celebrate Independence Day on July 4 can be fun and easy, thanks to online services like Adobe Creative Suite. First, create a basic template in Photoshop or Illustrator that represents the fireworks display you want to commemorate. Next, add all of the elements such as fireballs,

convert dreams to numbers,Whatu2019s your biggest goal in life right now? Why?

To give more than Iu2019ve taken.,Iu2019ve spent 26 years getting a world-class education, and doing almost nothing for the world while my parents and teachers invested in my development. When I finish my PhD, I want to make that investment worthwhile, and contribute as much to the world as I can.,I need to pay off those 26 years.

What is balance brought forward and balance carried forward?

Back before the days of computers, manual bookkeeping and accounting systems were on columnar sheets. At the bottom of each sheet, a line of totals would be tallied. On the following sheet, a u201cbalance brought forwardu201d line would capture these totals so that they would be included in the tally at the bottom of that page.,Nowadays, if I see t

Will China hold its position as the 2nd biggest economy?

No! China will NOT hold itu2019s No. 2 position!,China will surpass the USA and the US will be relegated to No.2 while China will be No. 1.,Heu2019s why.,Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017) (Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017)) - Patent Applications. The nation with the most patents will become the te

how many calories is a lasagna,What is the best and easiest recipe for chicken lasagna?

Prep Time,40 mins,Cook Time,2 hrs and 20 mins,Total Time,3 hrs,Ingredients,Makes about 9-12 servings,9-12 lasagna noodles,Chicken Sauce,2 tbsp olive oil,1 large onion,2 carrots, finely chopped,2 celery sticks, finely chopped,2 cloves garlic, minced or finely chopped,1 pound (500g) ground chicken,28 oz (800g) tomato puree,1/4 cup (50g) tomato paste,

easy homemade pasta recipe,Is Jamie Oliver aware that just because he can create a wholesome, elaborate meal in 15 minutes, I, for one, couldnt create a vaguely similar dish in 30 minutes?

Are you aware that with practice, you most certainly CAN put a wholesome, healthy meal together in 15 minutes?,Yes, Iu2019m being serious.,Letu2019s get one thing straight - Jamie Oliveru2019s 15-minute meals are NOT elaborate. The recipes are simple, straight-forward meals that pack as much as possible into a single recipe.,Now, understand, there