very small studio apartment layout,What does your house look like?

I recently moved to a new place in Bangalore, from living in a small studio apartment to moving to a proper house is pretty good. The extrovert in me wants friends and introvert in me wanted a cozy place to myself, and that's how I landed myself with a deal near my friend's home, and I live there alone. And living alone is not a bad deal.,Here is a

corned beef and cabbage slow cooker,Do I cook the cabbage in with the corned beef?

This is one you shouldnu2019t take shortcuts on.,What Iu2019m about to say may be shocking to some of you, but trust me.,Boil it.,Quick note. America's Test Kitchen, season 17, episode 4 shows you how to corn your own corned beef. It only takes 6 days.,The way you do this is important, but it comes out best this way.,First, select a nice corned bee

What are some good projects for students to improve programming skills?

I recommend you going through the following list of projects that surely will help you improve your programming skills.,Numbers:Find PI to the Nth Digit - Enter a number and have the program generate PI up to that many decimal places. Keep a limit to how far the program will go.,Find e to the Nth Digit - Just like the previous problem, but with e i

best xiaomi phone 2021 philippines,What are the best mobiles of Xiaomi?

Xiaomi Phones.If you want to buy Redmi Note 10 OrXiaomi Mi 10Tthen you are at the right place. Here you will find Xiaomi Reddit.Top 5 BEST Xiaomi Phones of [2022]#1 Xiaomi Poco x3:Xiaomi Poco x3 nfc the best budget xiaomi phone available on the market in 2021 this model is really fantastic but also quite bulky and heavy phone that will satisfy user

Why is knowing your customer important?

Almost all existing markets are extremely saturated. Unless your product creates a market of its own, youu2019ll see that itu2019s extremely difficult to penetrate the market and overcome the entry barriers. And even if your business is already in the market, itu2019s still very difficult to maintain your positions and remain competitive. The reaso

What are the main differences between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer?

IE = Java and Flash,Chrome = No Java, just HTML5, yes Flash, but they are moving away from it in favor of HTML5. This is good because Java is full of security vulnerabilities and Flash can be too. If Java was a water bottle, your lap would be very wet.,Advantage: Chrome,IE = no u201cbookmarku201d dragging, no tab u201cdraggingu201d, very simple and

luxury bedroom interior design,Who has the best home in bollywood?

Sunil Shetty's house is the best but as it's already posted,I would like to go for my second favourite,The VILLA IN THE SKY...n(JOHN ABRAHAM'S PENTHOUSE HOME IN MUMBAI)While some of us may balk at the idea of working on an extensive project, such as a home renovation, with our siblings, Bollywood actor John Abraham embraced the idea with this luxur

is aquarius and capricorn compatible,Are Sagittarius and Capricorn compatible together?

Yes, any zodiacs signs are compatible. Usually we judge each other with their sun sign but that's not enough. We got so many placements inside our natal chart, aspects and planets which defines us as whole. Similarly when we talk about compatibility it's the same not only sun sign but also our moon, venus, mercury, Mars and ascendant placements mat

chicken curry recipe ingredients,What is the best Indian chicken curry recipe?

The combo of chicken curry & rice is my definition of comfort food. Though there are countless recipes of chicken curries in India, I prefer to have chicken curry either prepared by my mom or myself. Over two years of making subtle changes in this recipe and doing a lot of experiments, finally, I perfected this recipe of chicken curry which I am go

vegetable garden ideas for small spaces,How do I prepare to plant a vegetable garden?

1. Make a list of your favorite vegetables.,2. Grade the list according to preference: A for Absolute Favorite--couldn't live without; B for Better Than Many--really enjoy them; and C--Could Buy at Grocery Store if Necessary and Not Be Too Unhappy. Be sure to check with spouse if applicable, particularly if spouse is the one who does the actual coo

Whats the meaning of undercast in accounts?

u2018undercastu2019 is a term referring to the transfer of an amount from one place to another, (whether in the same account as in balance brought forward, of between two accounts like ledger account to trading and p/l account, etc.) at an reduced value.,for example: if you sell a product at 2000 (cash sale), and make a wrong journal entry of,Cash