how to make french brioche bread,Whats the best brioche recipe?

Brioche is a light but rich French bread or cake made with a yeast dough enriched with eggs, milk, and butter. The crust is glazed before baking and turns a deep golden brown. The crumb is delicate and pale yellow in color. In Paris, it is traditionally baked in a fluted tin with a smaller ball of dough placed on top, either as buns or as one large

most luxurious bathrooms in the world,What is the absolute worst thing in the world?

When I was 15, I nannied for a family that was extremely sexist, religious, and hated anything that had to do with sex (Funny, because they had 7 kids). Their kids were (at that time) 12, 10, 8, 7, 5, 3, and 1. The 12 year old was a girl.,One day while I was making lunch, she came out of the bathroom crying. i asked her what was wrong. She just sho

easy but delicious appetizers,What is the best fingerfood?

Some of the good finger foods are,Indian,1. cocktail Samosas - these are crispy snack made with thin pastry sheet made of flour filled with various stuffing the stuffings are endless starting from vegetable to the meats. you can your choice.n,image source - Redirect Notice [

Is Japan an Eastern country? How do you identify the East on a map?

The word East u2018comes from Middle English est, from Old English u0113ast, which itself comes from the Proto-Germanic *aus-to- or *austra- "east, toward the sunrise", from Proto-Indo-European *aus- "to shine," or "dawn".u2019 [wiki],Japanu2019s autonym Nippon (u65e5u672c) loosely translates as u201cLand of the Rising Sunu201d. Itu2019s even on th

What is WTO Nairobi Summit about? What is the history of the matter? Why is India along with other developing countries not agreeing to the proposal?

WTO Nairobi Summit was a tenth ministerial conference (held at ministerial level). It was called so, because it was held at Nairobi (capital city of Kenya). It is an outcome of several meetings held after the Doha meeting of 2001 and it deals with liberalising trade in farm products.The main bone of contention between the developed countries and de

What did Cambridge Analytica do wrong?

In contrast to Prabhat, I feel that Cambridge Analytica was the major culprit (if you indeed think it is a crimeu2026.. its debatable).,Yes, CA is just like any other analytics company. They mine personal usage data and use that to understand users and target whatever (let us call it the product). In this case, as per the allegations it was Donald

How does offering free tertiary education affect a countrys economy?

I am going to assume that tertiary education means colleges and that we are supposed to compare a system of free colleges to a more conventional combination of paid colleges and on the job training. Otherwise, the question is too unspecific for me to answer in an interesting way. Under my assumptions, the effect is most likely to be negative.,The d

garlic bread without parsley,Why is Olive Garden better than the food I had in Rome?

Because you prefer fake Italian-American food to real Italian food.,If you were looking for this, I'm sorry, but you will never find it in Italy.,Edit: Just to specify better my answer, this is fake-Italian food, made with local ingredients by American restaurants.,May be the ingredients sounds Italian, but it's really far away from the Italian foo

3 course meal for christmas,As a citizen of the United Kingdom, what does your Christmas dinner look like? What is on the menu? Can you share recipes?

My ideal Christmas dinner would be a huge plate of sausage, egg u2019nu2019 chips, but thatu2019s because Iu2019m so blue-collar in my food tastes that McDonaldu2019s is exotic to me and when I go to Yo! Sushi (or You Sucky as I call it) Iu2019ve got no idea what any of it is. I do like sushi but Iu2019m not admitting it in public.,That notwithstan

What website is a good source of financial information about private companies?

Nowadays business data is changing faster than it did a some years ago. Therefore I suggest to get constantly updated sources (cloud-based software) which permanently refresh holded information, thus youu2019ll benefit from high-quality info.,From my standpoint, the most reliable providers of firmsu2019 financial info are Global Database and Refini

can i use a tv as a gaming monitor,Why is watching a screen harmful to ones eyes?

Harm to one's eyes when using a screen is typically because of improper viewing habits and viewing environments. Though screens do not cause permanent eye damage, they can cause eyestrain because of various factors such as: screen position relative to the head/eyes, lighting of the room, lighting of the screen, and infrequent breaks from screen vie

prayer for a safe road trip,How can you be a hero without having to fight?

In a scrubby cemetery in central Gaza, where crumbling tombstones nestle within the sand amid wind-blown rubbish, Jamal al-Dura crouched at the grave of his son Muhammad to recite the Muslim prayer for the dead. With the youngest of his 11 children at his side, he took his hands from his face, laid them on the marble slab, and searched, a bitter al

Which is better a B.S or a B.A degree in psychology?

First and foremost, both degrees are reputable and substantial education certificates.,The main difference is theoretic verses logical. While a BA in psychology focuses on the humanities of the subject, a BS dives further into the subject by exploring the mathematical and scientific side of psychology. A BA is certainly not devoid of math or scienc