Is water a compound or a molecule?

The difference between a molecule and a compound is this:,A molecule consists of two or more atoms joined by a chemical bond.,A compound consists of two or more different atoms joined by chemical bonds.,Water (H2O) is both a molecule and a compound.,Hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2) are molecules but because the atoms of which they are made are

how to cook garlic butter shrimp,If you only had three more days to live and could theoretically eat 10 "gut busting" meals until you perished, what would you eat?

Day 1:,Traditional Gyros nExtra Tzatziki SaucenLamb KebobsnBattered Onion Rings nBanana Milkshake,Sumgum Wonton SoupnCrab RagoonnSteamed DumplingsnBoneless Spare RibsnGeneral Tsou2019s ShrimpnShrimp w/ Spicy Garlic SaucenHappy Family ( Hold the Pork and Baby Corn extra Water Chesnuts )nPork, Crab, and Egg Fried Rice ( Extra Green Onions ) nCherry G

entryway designs for small spaces,How can I decorate my hostel room?

Our college days are the best time of our life. But while living in a hostel can be challenging, hostel life has its own perks. It is the time when you feel independent and creativity comes to your mind. Your room in hostel is going to be your home next 3 to 5 years. So, it is better to add a minimal decoration to it.,Are you looking for some ideas

how many minutes to bake cookies,What is a good recipe for sugar cookies?

321 cookie formula; 3 parts flour (cake or pastry), 2 parts fat (butter, ghee, or shortening), 1 part sugar. And typically 1/2 part eggs. Make your own elaborations (i.e. substitute in different sugars, add vanilla extract, use brown butter, throw in some nuts, zest some lemons or oranges, add in some spices, etc).

Is an MS in the USA really worth investing in for an Indian? The expenses to be covered while pursuing an MS is a huge amount, especially for middle-class Indians who rely on bank loans, scholarships, or TARA to cover the expense.

I have been writing this answer since 2017. This answer is enormous. So make some popcorn or chocolate and hope you enjoy it!,My answer is actually: Is MS in the U.S. worth it? That question merged into the current one that you see.,This doesn't focus on Indians alone. Before reading the answer, let me preface this by saying I came to the U.S. duri

salad ingredients and procedure,What is traditional African food like?

There a lot of traditional African food but since I am only conversant with Kenya I will only talk about traditional kenyan food.,UgaliUgali is the staple food of Kenya. It's made with maize flour but others can be used like sorghum, millet and cassava. Ugali is made by boiling water then adding flour constantly as you stir until the mixture become

ice cream ingredients list,How do I make ice cream at home?

When my son was a kid, he was a fan of ice cream (he still is). Buying ice cream frequently was a costly affair in those days(1980s). So I would make ice cream at home very frequently.,This gave me the opportunity of adding seasonal fruits to the ice cream.,But for this you need one ice cream maker which looks like this:,The top part is a motor, wh

What is the maximum duration one can stay on bench in Cognizant and TCS?

A2A. I am not sure if the author of the question wishes to stay in bench / is apprehensive of the fact that he has been put in bench; nevertheless I will provide a slightly different opinion of what being on bench means.,Since I have worked with TCS in the past, I will provide you with a TCS viewpoint, but rest assured it will be more-or-less simil

industrial kitchen design for small space,What are some of the most sexist ads?

Marketing and Advertising has a huge role to play in attracting and increasing the consumer base of companies and firms by essentially communicating with the audience, to make them more aware and sensitive to their products and services and elicit a response favourable to them.,However, one of the major problems that has been seen in this industry

sony rx100 iv for sale philippines,Which DSLR is best for photography for a beginner?

DSLR is one of the most powerful camera now a days for shooting (photography, videography recording live video etc) is available in many brands. Finding ideal camera is most important thing. The important features tou need to check before buying is camera body quality and lens quality is most important feature to check. Now a day there are dozens o

Why is methane part of the greenhouse gases?

All gases with 3 or more molecules are greenhouse gases. This is because with 3 molecules, they can bend, twist or vibrate in ways that diatomic gases, such as O2 or N2 cannot. In fact, Nitrous-Oxide is a greenhouse gas as well, with just 2 molecules, which is interesting.,But on methane, or CH4, itu2019s a tetrahedral shape so thereu2019s lots of

alcohol not made from grains,Why do most extracts used in baking contain alcohol?

Alcohol has been, through the centuries, the one liquid that could extract and preserve the essential flavor and active constituents out of the material, usually a plant, peel or seed. Even today grain alcohol or flavorless vodka is used to do this at home if preferred over commercial extracts. The major benefit of the alcohol was its ready availab

adobe photoshop vs affinity photo,What do professional photographers use to edit?

The vast majority of professional photographers use Adobe Photoshop, and some, who donu2019t need its immense editing power will use Adobe Lightroom.,Photoshop vs Lightroom.Photoshop is, by far, the most powerful photo editing suite out there, it also has an entire ecosystem of plug-ins that improves on and extends its functionality in highly speci

How does one write an application?

Show donu2019t tell is a great method to use. Tell a story that displays a character trait that you want the other person to know. Hereu2019s a video I made on it, and my Youtube channel reviews a number of strategies. I hope they help!

how to cook fries in the oven,What do poor people in the United States of America eat?

Over the centuries poor people around the world were traditionally thin because they couldnu2019t get enough food of any kind. This has now reversed in the United States, with poor people having a tendency to be overweight (there are obviously many exceptions), because the cheapest food has a lot of fat, carbohydrates, and sugar in it. Better food

Is it acceptable to describe a difficult manager in an MBA admissions essay?

It is difficult, but possible to pull this off. As Rachel and others pointed out, the approach has to be factual. Avoid blaming and bad mouthing. Also, take responsibility for your errors in the relationship; there may have been a few. Acknowledging mistakes is a sign of self-awareness and maturity, both of which are prized by MBA admissions commit

best ipad pro 10.5 keyboard case,Which refurbished iPad is recommended?

For people looking for a high-quality tablet for videos, light web and email, light to moderate document creation, light photo retouching, games, etc., I recommend the iPad 5th generation. It retails for $325 in the U.S. Great price. Refurb from Apple is even better because of the lower price and full warranty.,For someone looking for a tablet with