iphone 11 pro max photo samples,Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max worth the three camera lens?

With FilmIc you will be able to record video in wide (ultra-wide), normal (wide) and tele (2x) along with the front facing camera all at the same time and you get to choose during recording which cameras you want to use or you can choose ALL cameras at once! So it provides different types of shots all at once which will make your videos a lot more

Can two waves have the same frequency but different periods?

Yes!u2026 and nou2026 and yes and no at the same time.,Frequency is the measure of how many times in a second something exhibits periodic behavior.,Period is the amount of time that the something takes to get from one recognizable point in one repetition to the next identical point in the next repetion.,Velocity describes both the speed and directi

cauliflower rice with chicken,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

This is such a wonderful question for me. I would love to answer this as I love cooking so much.,Chicken in sarso(mustard) saag(leaves),Brocoli tots,Gulab jamun,Cheese and sugar envelope paratha,Basanti (yellow) pulao, rice kheer, chicken Lollipops,Mawa peda,Candied peanuts,Chicken wheat momos,Cauliflower pakora,Samosas,Chhana(paneer) potol(striped

Which affiliate marketing program pays on the same day?

Looking for the best affiliate programs that pay daily and/or weekly?,Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily. ClickMagick. CPA Lead. MobIdea.,Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly. Entice Cash. MaxBounty.,Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly (In Cryptocurrencies) PeerFly. AdWork Media.

How often should couples in a long distance relationship talk to each other?

There is no hard and fast rule on how often a couple in long distance relationship should talk to each other! It depends upon the people who are in the relationship, their time-difference, their job shifts, their lives, their priorities and a lot of other things that dominate our lives! Let me give you my example - ,I am in a long distance relation

sunny side up eggs over easy,Are over medium eggs supposed to be runny?

In my experience, the whites will cook faster than the yolks, since the yolk is encased in a very thin membrane and forms a dome shape, while on the skillet. In other words, very little of the yolk comes into direct contact with the skillet.,So when the egg is flipped, the whites start cooking right away.,I suppose the terms u2018easyu2019 and u201

minimalist outdoor christmas decorations,As a minimalist, do you like to decorate your home for Christmas? What do you display, and do you store it the rest of the year?

We usually decorate with the same display items every year. Our artificial tree looks a little worse for wear, but we donu2019t care. We donu2019t really entertain, though there are people who drop by during the holidays.,The main reasons we decorate is to create a festive atmosphere that we enjoy and also so our dog has her Christmas morning momen

philippines mobile country code,Where is the area code 632?

According to Google, its not in North America, but in the Phillipenes. n"011 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of U.S.A.. 63 is the international code used to dial to Philippines. 2 is the local area or city code used to dial to Manila. 632 855 8667 is the local number you wrote."nYou can also Google "632 area code" to find

how to make pancakes ingredients,What is your ultimate pancake recipe?

Quite a challenge. Hereu2019s my contender for the list. They are light, fluffy and delicious. You can substitute buttermilk for the almond milk if you want a more tangy version.,Ricotta Pancakes1 cup ricotta cheese,1 egg,1 cup All Purpose Flour,1 cup Almond Milk,1 tablespoon Melted Butter,1 tablespoon Sugar,1 teaspoon baking powder,1/4 teaspoon sa

What is the best 3D rendering software for an interior designer?

I am not an Interior Artist myself, but most of the interior design portfolios I stumbled upon online used 3Ds Max, with Vray as the render engine.,3Ds Max, has a comprehensive set of tools that help you model complicated geometry with a certain level of intuition. That said, it takes a lot of practice to achieve results with ease.,As for rendering

modern terrace tiles design,Which tiles are used for outdoor areas?

Porcelain:- Porcelain tile is an incredibly dense and robust form of ceramic, & so many porcelain tiles evaluated for flooring use can also work in numerous patio application. The best choices will be finished, matt tiles without a highly bright surface that will be silky when wet. Many porcelain tiles are thick and sturdy enough to use on floors,