What is product life cycle in marketing?

Marketing has to understand that a typical product goes through several product life-cycle phases. These phases are named differently depending on the type of product.,Human: Kid, Teenager, Young, Adult, Elderly, Dying,Hardware: Prototype, Pilot, New product, Mature product, End-of-life product,Software: Alpha, Beta, New software, Mature software,

philippines to los angeles time,How did the Filipino Americans become the largest Asian Americans in the United States, second to none except the recent Chi-Am?

To arrive at a short and concise answer, please remember that the Philippines was a colony/protectorate of the US and a member of the US Commonwealth. This was from 1989 until the start of World War 2.,Being a territory of the US, the US allowed Filipinos to go to the US, particularly to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and all the way to Ala

chocolate ref cake recipe,What is an amazing recipe for chocolate cake?

I going to save you a lot of headache and the grownups you feed this to will think youu2019re a kitchen hero :) Iu2019ve fooled a lot of chefs at my table with this one.nStart with two, yes, two boxes of store bought, store brand dark chocolate cake mix. You know, the kind that say just add oil water and an egg. Donu2019t spend a ton on them. The i

Who is a better method actor between Al Pacino and Daniel Day Lewis and why?

I love Al Pacino. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. That said, I'm sorry, but Daniel Day Lewis is by far the better Method actor and I would go so far as to say that he has even proven to have more range overall.,Throughout his career, Daniel has taken on so many different variances of characters. Pacino, on the other hand, relies more s

What are some examples of quantitative research titles?

These examples come from a graduate-level Research course in Education:,The Impact of Using Word Walls in Teaching Fifth Graders Content Vocabulary in Science.Increasing Kindergarten Verbal Participation Rates Using Story Elaboration Techniques.Using Non-competitive Flashcard Games to Improve Memory for Math Facts in Special Education.Improving the

What is the most professional way to decline a job offer?

I did this just on Friday. To explain the situation, I am probably a bit stale at my current job. However, the people I work with are great, the work is reasonably pleasant and easy, the company is great and the pay pretty good. I was looking for a new role for more money (can always do with more) and to progress my career with some more stimulatin

What is the most important question in an interview?

In this time of pandemic,all the students are facing some or many kind of problems which may include : deciding the career, getting the job or taking up courses. However, most common step to begin anything you require to crack the interview with full proof preparation along with all necessary practice beforehand.,Here are the few most commonly aske

beef steak ingredients and procedure,What are the best ways to cook tender beef ribs?

If tender ribs is your goal, your crockpot slow cooker is your friend.,There are lots of good recipes online, but I like this one. Crock Pot RibsThe ribs get a spicy rub before they go into the crockpot. Then you turn it on and go about your day and when you return, the ribs are tender and flavorful. For a final touch, they are topped with barbecue