How can I turn off all birthday notifications on Facebook?

You cannot turn off. Only when you put privacy from public/friends to only me there will be no notification. When you put only me no one will know your birthday. You can do this prior to some days and after your birthday date so that there will be no notification. Which some people do just so that they can hide. Some even deactivated their account

What are the application of normal distribution in our daily life?

for practical purpose normal distribution is good enough to represent the distribution of continuous variable like-height,weight,blood pressure etc..,often used to aproximate other distribution.,normal distribution has significant use in statistical quality control.,it can be used to describe the situation where very few individuals possess the ext

how many tablespoons are in one cup,How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

In cuisine, one tablespoon equals three teaspoons,spice spoon = 1 ml,teaspoon = 5 ml,tablespoon = 15 ml,decilitre = 100 ml,coffee cup = 1 u00bd dl,glass = 2 dl,tea cup = 2u00bd dl,l = litre =10 dl, 1000 ml,Note that cuisine is not chemical engineering. The measures are always more or less arbitrary.

easement agreement for access to property,If, in a libertarian fantasy, someone was able to purchase the four roads around a block of houses, is there any limit to how much can be charged for homeowners access to these roads?

In a world where roads were private and could be purchased like this, no one would buy a house unless he had a contractual guarantee of access to roads, perhaps in the form of an easement. This is similar to how today one would not buy land to build a house unless they first received assurances that they could be hooked up to water and electricity.

If you can keep secrets, mind your business, go on dangerous missions and might have to kill someone, and be cautious of your surroundings, cant you be a CIA agent?

Undercover secret service Agent characters and able to perform successfully, has to do mainly in his belives that his actions activities us based on morale justifiable reasons to undertake missions in order to protect life of his fellow citizens against evils.Related terms:Charles A. Sennewald, Curtis Baillie, in Effective Security Management (Sixt

can i use samsung tv as monitor,How come a computer monitor can be used as a TV but a TV thatu2019s used as a computer monitor results in a bad display?

How come a computer monitor can be used as a TV but a TV thatu2019s used as a computer monitor results in a bad display? This depends on the TV, I suppose, because Iu2019m using a 12-year old Sharp TV as an auxilary display for my desktop (right this moment) and it works fine.,u201cBack in the old daysu201d, when TVs were cathode-ray, analog, devic

what colour goes with green walls,What colors go best with sage green?

Depends what you are looking for! Sage green goes well with other natural shades like browns, beiges and taupes as well as white. For a stark contrast, you can mix it with a deep purple or a light pink. I often use colour palettes on Pinterest to get ideas of what colours go together (I slightly hoard them on my colour themed boards) and to find un

How can one write the perfect cover letter, step by step?

How to Write a Cover LetterCover letters. As much as they require more work, cover letters are a great opportunity to cover qualifications we canu2019t fully explain in our resumes. In addition, they help personalize job applicants to enable them to come across more as real people to potential employers. If you throw together a cover letter in the

Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?

Note: someone merged this question now including Linux as well; my answer relates to Windows and macOS only, pertaining to the original question.,(Last updated in March 2017, using macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta and Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update. Though in mid 2018 this answer needs revising on a few notes, most of it still applies.),n,tl;dr,If youu

What is www? How does it function?

Technically it is a subdomain. nNot unlike or gopher.example.comnThere are things you can do with that cannot be done with based on how DNSs records work.

best mp3 downloader for iphone 5s,Why is MP3 Juice not working?

MP3 Juice is not working because the website is down.,The site is currently experiencing technical difficulties and is not accessible to users.,We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

canon pixma pro 10 price philippines,Is Brother HL-L9310CDW a good enough printer to print photos? Iu2019m looking to print Japanese postcards professionally.

No, it is not.,I own a Brother MFC-9340CDW, which is basically the same printer internally. Print quality went to hell less than 1/2 way into itu2019s rated service life, and it will cost more to repair it than to replace it. Even when it was brand new the print quality was at best adequate for business documents. I wouldnu2019t think about selling

How does Avast Antivirus works?

Not just Avast, but all Antiviruses work in the same wayThere is a file called u201c virus definitions u201c which all Antiviruses have. In that file there is record of all viruses that are currently available or have been made in the world till date.,When you click on SCAN button, your antivirus start matching your files with virus records in viru

Which country uses the most oil per day?

No. Even though the US currently produced more oil than any other individual country in the world, it is not producing more than all of OPEC, which consists of a dozen or so countries that each produce a lot of oil. Here is a list of the current (2022) top oil producers in terms of barrels per day..,United States - 11,567,000,Russia - 10,503,000,Sa

international call from us to uk,How do you call a +44 number from the UK?

If you are using a landline, then replace the +44 with a 0, as described in another answer.,If using a cellular based phone, the system will do this automatically, so you can either dial the +44 version (+44 1234 567890) or the leading zero version (01234 567890).I store the full international number on my smartphones, as no matter where I am in th