how to cook chicken casserole in the oven,Do you think you are eating too much fat?

Yes, and it's intentional.,Whenever I have my go-to pork dish-meals, the cuts of meat must have a fatty layer plus the rind such as trotter and pork belly. I enjoy pork stew or casserole with white rice almost every week (below),I don't like all-lean pork meat, it must have a fatty layer like roasted pork, charsiu, etc. with the exception of ribs.,

concrete floor tiles texture,What are some outdoor shower floor ideas?

Outdoor shower is kinda a trend nowadays and so many people are requesting to build shower in outdoor area. Here are some references of outdoor shower ideas:,Wooden Floor nWooden floor showers is cool.. but maybe some will questioning, is it ok to use wood floor in shower area? Because shower area is wet and wood tends to rot and slippery. But donu

buttered garlic shrimp ingredients,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

I have recently (in the lockdown period) added cooking to my list of hobbies and it has been a great stress buster. Watching my spices grind into a paste or tomatoes releasing oil has been therapeutic.,Here are some of the dishes I have cooked since the lockdown began.,Shrimp white sauce pasta and garlic toast.,Spicy shrimp garlic pasta.,Thai green

why is my computer so slow,What should I do when a new laptop is slow?

Sorry but your question is incomplete, you can dm me for best suggestions.,Well assuming you are using windows laptop, with common specifications.,You can do following steps.,Open run u201cwin+Ru201d then type u201c%temp%u201d and hit enter, a window will appear where you have to select all file and delete them.,You can run disk defragment, the who

Whats a good example of the utilitarian theory?

Mandatory vaccination is a clear example. In most cases, we donu2019t give parents a choice (i.e., we limit their autonomy) because having everyone (or nearly everyone) vaccinated is an easy method to achieve very very good outcomes (eradicating communicable diseases or keeping them gone).

november to december 2016 calendar,What is your height of CA final preparation?

My 1st attempt of CA Final was in may 2016. So I took PL from mid November which was around 5.5 months time. And believe me from the day I took leave I studied 10 hrs a day during initial days. By the 20th day of my leave I reached 14 hrs a day which extended to 16 hrs in the last month of preparation. I was attempting both groups. I am not hesitan

US universities are so much better than European in terms of resources, sports, housing, etc. And usually more affordable. Why there are almost no European students in USA? A lot from China, Africa, Eastern Europe, but no Germany, France, UK, etc.

More affordable? Jeez, I want the stuff you smoke.ud83dude1c,I will use Germany as a comparison, but the results can be translated to France as well.,In Germany, university education is FREE. Yes, that is right. There is a fee per semester, which includes a heavily discounted ticket for public transportation, and a social contribution. On average,

What is HRM?

Human Resources,In any company, HR stands for the Human Resources department which deals with people management, recruitment and defining organisation policies among other things. They are responsible for hiring, positioning and overseeing the employees of an organisation.,Human Resources Generalists, Managers, and Directors, depending on the size

What are some good mobile apps for crowdfunding?

Check out these 4 crowdfunding platforms:,1. KickstarterApp Specific: NOPlatform: AnyKickstarter has entirely transformed crowdfunding, itu2019s been growing fast and making a business opportunity possible for every innovator or entrepreneur who is determined enough to get started.,It is one of the platforms where people can launch projects to rais

Does Tim Berners-Lee have Parkinsons?

From the interview tonight, very sadly something wrong - early onset Parkinson, possibly Touretteu2019s- but intellectually 500% on the Ball,For people who want to cure Parkinson's naturally without hamrful drugs, you can check this tutorial. I've got great results with it. I trudged around for 40 months taking a full amount of PD drugs; i.e., Sine