love and affection in a relationship,What are the 5 ways in which people show love?

Not just 5 there are many more likeu2026,Let me know when you reach safely.,Eat your medicines on time.,Don't eat an ice cream or you'll catch cold.,When a father eats the burnt chapatis and still has a proud smile.,Telling your mother and father about you improving in your weak field.,Take care you're precious for me.,Firstly, focus on and career

How many people use social media?

Thanks for A2A, James Taylor!In 2020, 3.80 billion people were actively using social media.Thatu2019s a lot, right? ;),If you'd like to get more data regarding the usage of social media, you can find them in the report that Iu2019m referring to above. Itu2019s over 200 pages of data, so I guess youu2019ll find there something interesting for yourse

Is a graduate degree in psychology worth it? Why?

It depends, how do you want to use it? I work in a psychiatric hospital with my undergrad in Psych butu2026big BUTu2026..I canu2019t advance. I am stuck. I need a masteru2019s degree to go anywhere else in this hospital, I am currently the patient advocate for the entire hospital, not too bad, but I am burnt out and I cannot move to any other posit

alcoholic drink recipes with vodka,What are nice cocktails with vodka?

You can add vodka to almost any cocktail to make it stronger. Good vodka is almost exclusively just ethanol and water.,I know this isn't a direct answer! I'm not being facetious. It's good advice for people trying to lose vodka in another drink they like.,The classic vodka drink is a screwdriver. That's the correct name for a vodka and orange. A sl

How do you ace the Prelims exam 2020 as per your 3 years of experience?

Prelims according to me was the toughest out of the three stages of this examination. My personal score is 2/3. I have taken pre 2017, 2018 and 2019. Based on this brief background my 2 cents on prelims preparation are as follows-,SourcesModern History- Spectrum, Bipin Chandra (History of Modern India),Art and Culture- Nitin Singhania, Fine Arts (1

how to make laptop cleaning solution,What is the best way to clean a MacBook keyboard?

Iu2019m sure there are better ways, but I have had success using basic premoistened hand wipes like u201cWet Ones.u201d There are purpose built towlettes for that job like Windex Electronics Wipes or Endust Screen & Electronics wipes, but I suspect that they are not that much different than Wet Ones (other than more expensive).,I just power the Mac

camera apps used by celebrities,Which one is better, Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom mobile?

To make a better decision, let's assume that there are two kinds of photographers: one who likes to spend more time in processing the photographs, and one who likes to do minimal post processing.,I would suggest Snapseed for the first group as it has a variety of creative tools available to process or edit photographs. Even if you have an Adobe sub

backyard oasis ideas with pool,What are the best Pinterest trend tools in 2020?

A new report on Pinterest search trends reveals which topics are seeing a spike in popularity during the summer months of 2020.,Knowing what users priorities are can be useful in guiding the efforts of social media marketers throughout the rest of the season.,As it turns out, users priorities are increasingly becoming themselves, Pinterest states:,

how to make your belly flat,What is the best way to get a flat stomach in two days?

Wouldn't it be great to have a flat stomach with some definition 24/7? Unfortunately, this type of dream doesn't exist. It's just not feasible to walk around every single day with a flat belly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.,It's even more impossible to get a flat stomach in 2 days, but you can most certainly aspire to have one as frequently a

Whats after getting a degree in philosophy?

UK answer. ,You can work in any job that any other traditional arts subject (eg. Classics, history, English literature etc) allows you to do. ,My friends with bachelors degrees in philosophy (most often joint honours) have done a mix of consultancy, accountancy, the law, professional philosophy, the civil service, professional politics, journalism,

how to make okonomiyaki recipe,Did your parents teach you how to do things such as make tea or wash dishes from a young age or did you have to learn by yourself when you grew up because they never taught you?

Iu2019m not entirely sure I had to be taught how to make tea or wash dishes; isnu2019t this something everyone just knows how to do?,I suppose making tea on one of those tiny Chinese tea sets would take a bit of practice (and fingerwork), but all in all I would think that a lot of it is pretty intuitive: add tea leaves, add water, wait, pick up tea

How does Google interview candidates for Engineering Director-level positions?

I was interviewed and hired as a Director at Google in 2012. I don't know how typical my experience was. But here's what happened:,First interview was on the phone with a recruiter. The questions were typical recruiter screening. Nothing hard or detailed. Questions about background and feeling out my interest.,First round of on-campus interviews wa