how to make your own buttermilk,How do you make buttermilk substitute in the UK?

I guess the same way that we do in the US, or indeed any other country.,Take a cup of milk add a tablespoon of vinegar (or lemon juice) stir and leave on the counter for 30 minutes.,Or take two tablespoons of cream of tartar, mix thoroughly with two tablespoons of milk in a measuring jug. When all the lumps have been worked out, top up to the 1 cup

Is the market going to crash in 2022, or is it just a prediction?

A stock market crash is coming. Let me give you very solid reasons as to why are we going to see a market crash over the next few months. I will share with you my views in points.,US 10 year treasury yields are now over 2%.,Oil is now at $93 per barrel. Just look at the speed of this rally.,Russia is within days of invading Ukraine as per the US in

being chased by a snake in a dream,What are the symptoms of sihr in Islam? I see dreams of snakes biting, scorpions, strangers and masked people chasing me, and sexual intimacy with strangers. Are these signs of sihr?

If you believe in that kind of thing it could be. But why would someone do something like that to you? There is also the possibility it doesnu2019t exist and you have yourself believing it because your dreams are so weird. I once had a dream that I was on a planet full of vampires who lived off of blood of different beings. In bright color. It didn

pan seared salmon garlic butter,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

I am am a home cook. No formal training, but I cook almost every night of the week.,Hereu2019s a shrimp, chicken and Chorizo paella. Iu2019ve since bought a paella pan, but my 25 year old cast iron pan works just as well!,This is a Thai inspired salmon recipe, with black rice and stir-fried garlic green beans:,from my polish roots: pan-seated piero

Does socialism mean government control?

This is my own personal view, and observation.,Basically most socialist governments tend to favour more government regulation and control. The purpose is to regulate variation between rich and poor, they do this by reducing the wealth of the rich. So they regulate business and tax anyone who makes more than a preconceived level of profit or income.

1990 year of the chinese zodiac,What is your favorite kpop group? Who are the members?

.,My ult Kpop group is TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT),.,It is a 5 member Kpop group that debuted in March 2019,,The members (from oldest to youngest) are:,Yeonjun,Soobin,Beomgyu,Taehyun,Huening Kai,Here are the member profiles:,Yeonjun:Stage Name: Yeonjun (uc5f0uc900)nBirth Name: Choi Yeon Jun (ucd5cuc5f0uc900)nEnglish Name: Daniel ChoinPosition: Rapper

What are some examples of summative assessments?

Summative assessment is end of chapter or end of unit testing. A quiz, a test of knowledge or an essay question designed to suss out deep understanding of a pre taught lesson are all examples of summative assessment.

What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)?

Here are some pictures that are worth sharing.,Incredible india reservation inside talent outside that's why many foreign companies have indian general caste candidates as their CEO or in other posts.,:( :(,You have maximum resources but you don't know how to use it.,Sometimes your one step backward can save others life.,You have to use them exactl

How does offering free tertiary education affect a countrys economy?

I am going to assume that tertiary education means colleges and that we are supposed to compare a system of free colleges to a more conventional combination of paid colleges and on the job training. Otherwise, the question is too unspecific for me to answer in an interesting way. Under my assumptions, the effect is most likely to be negative.,The d

best camera phone 2019 philippines,Which smartphone has the best camera in 2020?

My answer is relevant as of June 2020:,Huawei P40 Pro: The P40 Pro has superb cameras, but itu2019s not the best phone out there in terms of other specs, itu2019s the best photography experience you can get on a smartphone right now, for anyone who wants the absolute best camera they can fit in their pocket. It boasts of specs like 5G, 50MP imaging

Does u201cno location foundu201d mean they stopped sharing?

Captain Charles Butler McVay III,Captain of the USS Indianapolis which was sunk after delivering components of the atomic bomb to Tinian Island.,The USS Indianapolis was traveling UNESCORTED on July 30th 1945 in the Philippine Sea when she was struck by two torpedos from the Japanese submarine I-58.,Having been on a secret mission she was traveling

easy chewy chocolate chip cookies,What is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?

A good cookie recipe has to have lots of contrasts: contrasting textures and contrasting flavors. This is achieved by/with several features:,Ample salt u2014 salt is critical to contrast the sweet. You wonu2019t taste a savory cookie, just a cookie with more contrast.,A bit of instant coffee u2014 coffee is bitter and the cookie is sweet. This bitt

How do I repair my credit report?

Increase your credit limitsCredit card companies give each borrower a credit limitu2014denoting the maximum amount that can be spent before paying off at least some of the balance. Depending on the credit card and your creditworthiness, your credit limit might be a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. If you ask your creditor to increase your cre

canon pixma pro 10 price philippines,Is Brother HL-L9310CDW a good enough printer to print photos? Iu2019m looking to print Japanese postcards professionally.

No, it is not.,I own a Brother MFC-9340CDW, which is basically the same printer internally. Print quality went to hell less than 1/2 way into itu2019s rated service life, and it will cost more to repair it than to replace it. Even when it was brand new the print quality was at best adequate for business documents. I wouldnu2019t think about selling