how to aspect ratio in photoshop,How can I crop in Photoshop without losing data?

I'm assuming what you're doing is making a selection using the Marquee tool, then using the Crop menu item under the Image menu.,What you should use instead is the actual Crop tool (shortcut C) to perform the selection. Once you have that in place, make sure the Cropped Area option is set to Hide instead of Delete. Then just accept the crop and it

slow computer performance,Why is my computer running slow and freezing up?

There are many reason that can lead to this problem.,Software- format your system and reinstall windows or any other operating system. Most of the problem will be solved,If you are giving extra load to the system then try to upgrade with ram or SSD.,Hardware- if there is no software issue, then you should check for hardware, show your computer to e

best budget wireless gaming headset,What is a good gaming headset that is under $100?

The best gaming headset under $100 is Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset. This headset provides me the best ever gaming experience every time I used it. This Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headphone has some exciting new features like DOLBY headphone 7.1 surround sound, Advanced 2.4 GHZ Wireless Lag-free Interference-resistant.,With the three pro

What is the best bookkeeping software for a small company?

Depends on the complexity of your firm. If you want free, check out WAVE, Freshbooks, Kashoo or FreeAgent. If you want desktop or user friendly, use Quickbooks or SAGE. If you want something to manage your process, check out the solutions like XERO or FinancialForce.

best video editor used by vloggers,Where can I download a good video editor?

I think before you commit to a particular software, no matter what category it falls under, itu2019s important to do research. Yet, when it comes to video editing, there is software out there thatu2019s pretty great and doesnu2019t really need to be researched further. One such software is Write-on Video. Itu2019s a personal favorite of mine becaus

asus zenfone 4 selfie lite price,Is the Asus Zenfone Selfie worth buying?

Hello,,Asus unveiled Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro phones. The devices, as the name suggests, are centered on the whole selfie experience. The device was first unveiled in Taiwan last month and has finally come to Indian stores. The lower variation of the two starts at 9,999 INR. The higher variant starts at 23,999 INR.,ZENFONE 4 SELFIE PHONE SPECIFICATIONS

What are the relations between anthropology, sociology and political science?

Anthropology is the study of the historical development of man, and it take two forms: Cultural and Physical Anthropology.,Sociology is the study of how societies are organized and function, and how people within those societies interact.,Political Science is the study of the forms of government societies create to help them function.

What creates market segmentation?

There are mainly Internal & External Factors that Affect Market Segmentation:,Internal Factors includes:-Strengths & Philosophies,Organizational Culture,Operational Issues,Human Resource,Organizational objectives,2. External Factors includes:-Competition,Economic Culture,Market Dynamics,Changing technology,New Trend, fashion, Preference

chinese lucky charm bracelets meaning,What are three of your most favorite gifts that you have received for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion?

Ive actually got 4 of the most favorite gifts. So in no particular order here goes. The first two have a little back story, so bare with me.,I love my dad, he is the best gift giver in the universe. From buying my family a turkey for Christmas, to giving me a bag of grapes for my brithday when I was about 6 or 7. Yes, I loved that he gave me a bag

How is profit and loss percentage calculated?

Profit and loss of business can be calculated by preparing profit and loss account, which includes the information regarding all the income earned and expenses incurred by a company during a period of time. This includes all the cash and non cash as well as all the mandatory provisions and operating and non operating incomes and expenses,,Net profi

Why is the entropy change positive in the dehydration of ethane?

u201cWhy is the entropy change positive in the [dehydrogenation] of ethane?u201d*,The balanced equation is C2H6 u2192 C2H4 + H2. There are more molecules in the products than in the reactants, and all reactants and products are in the gas phase. (It doesnu2019t matter that the catalyst and any surface species on it are not gases, since entropy is a

Can I use eBay as a dropship supplier for Amazon?

Question: Can I use eBay as a dropship supplier for Amazon?nAnswer: I wouldnu2019t recommend it.,You donu2019t want to be using any supplier for products that your customer also would normally have access to that is a quality retailer. This includes Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and all those other top brands and marketplaces.,Find a supp