How do I delete Instagram without email or password?

It is not at all possible. If you donu2019t have the related email or login credentials, thereu2019s no way to verify the account is actually your own. Seeing as you have no additional concrete proof the account is yours, the only thing left would be to trust your word. nIn short, itu2019s not going to happen.,The only thing you can do is try to re

may 2016 calendar with holidays india,Which is the best Hindi movie on Netflix?

This is a list of all the Indian films available for streaming on Netflix in the US (as well as some Hollywood movies featuring notable Indian actors). Newly added or expiring films are featured at the top. Hindi-dubbed versions of South Indian films are listed under the u201cOther Indian and Pakistani Movies on Netflixu201d section. The titlesu201

mental health awareness reflection,How do you obtain narcissists to treat or study? Most of what Ive read says that narcissists will avoid treatment. That has also been my experience.

I have been treating people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder since the 1970u2019s. In the beginning years, I only saw people who were referred to me by their physicians, clinicians, or former clients. Some did well and some did not last more than a couple of sessions. I also did not know very much back then. In the 1970u2019s and prior there

Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Britain?

Itu2019s arguable that it didnu2019t begin here, but in the Netherlands, but it ran out of steam there, while Great Britain was able to pick it up & carry it further.,After achieving independence from Spain the Netherlands created institutions which supported economic development, commerce & industry, but Dutch industry in the boom of the 16th & 17

different ways to cook chicken,What is the best chicken recipe?

INDIAN KADAI CHICKENINGREDIENTS1kg chicken, washed,cleaned and cut into big pieces,4 tablespoons oil,1u20442 cup onion, sliced,1 1u20442 cups tomatoes, peeled and sliced,2 tablespoons fresh coriander leaves, chopped,1 tablespoon ginger paste,1 tablespoon garlic paste,4 teaspoons garam masala powder,2 bay leaves,4 whole red chilies,2 teaspoons coria

cheap easy healthy dinners,What is your favorite budget friendly cooked meal?

StartersLegumes, wherever you go, are inexpensive. Toast some chickpeas, season them and you have yourself a super starter.,PastaYou need about 100g of pasta per person. So even good, more expensive pasta will cost no more than thirty cent per person. Use seasonable veggies, good oil and youu2019ll remain with small change for a dollar (euro). Past

What are the best market research tools and techniques?

There are two types of Market Research Methods: Primary Market Research and Secondary market research.Primary Market Research is a kind of research which is done by company, without using any information that is already made available through other sources.,Secondary market research focuses on using information, or data, that was already gathered a

best ultrawide monitor under 300,What are the best brands for PC monitors?

TOP 11 BEST MONITORS IN INDIAPLEASE CLICK ON CONTINUE READING TO SEE THE FULL POST,Looking for the best monitor in India? If so, you have reached the right place. Below we will be discussing the top 11 best monitors that come with high-end specs and deliver outstanding value. So without any further due, letu2019s get started.,List of Top 11 Best Mo

what does my future husband look like,When will I know who is my future husband?

It's probably different for everyone. I'll tell you about two girlfriends I didn't marry, then how I got married.,In my case, I had been in love a couple times before I met my future wife. One time I broke things off with a girlfriend because I was praying about what next steps to take in my life, and the answer was clear that this was not the time

How do you calculate Karl Pearsons correlation coefficient?

Step 1: Make a chart. Use the data, and add three more columns: xy, x^2, and y^2,Step 2: Multiply x and y together to fill the xy column.,Step 3: Take the square of the numbers in the x column, and put the result in the x2 column.,Step 4: Take the square of the numbers in the y column, and put the result in the y2 column.,Step 5: Add up all of the

what is the best phone in the world,Which mobile phone should I buy in 2021?

Itu2019s hard to categorize just one smartphone as u2018the bestu2019 because a lot depends on someoneu2019s budget, and expectations vary. That being said, the Oppo Reno Pro 5G comes pretty close to a really good flagship smartphone because of a few reasons. This phone is just so eye-catching and pretty to look at. The blue shade really complement

how to overcome disobedience,Is it worrying that many Americans are showing disrespect for President Trump? Is America in danger now that more and more people are showing disrespect and disobedience to their leader?

In the US we generally obey our laws, not our leaders. Our leaders have a lot of influence over which laws get passed and how (or sometimes even whether) existing laws are enforced, but theyu2019re rarely in a position to tell us what to do. When our leaders try to tell us what to do, we often ignore them (sometimes with rude gestures on the side),

traditional jewish food for passover,What is the rule about chametz in an interfaith household during Passover? Is it fair to deny them their allowed food just so I maintain Kosher?

Just u201csellu201d them all the Chametz so itu2019s no longer in your possession and you are fine.,Please donu2019t make the holiday miserable for those who arenu2019t interested in celebrating.,I used to run away from home on Passover and hide out in this lovely bakery, and then stockpile supplies.,You canu2019t have a kosher home destroying your

message for late grandmother,What childhood experience led to your loss of innocence?

Experiences don't have to be about one thing alone, or at least useful ones have more to offer. Loss of innocence but gain of priceless insight is the way I would characterize the following childhood experiences of mine. I learned that my choice was to either go with the flow where that flow meant accepting pervasive bigotry as my constant partner

spaghetti with cheese and tomato sauce,What can you eat in Naples besides pizza?

Pizzelle montanare (fried dough with tomato sauce and cheese),Pasta fagioli e cozze (pasta with beans and mussles),Pasta e patate (pasta and potatoes soup),Spaghetti con i pomodorini scattrisciati (spaghetti with whole small plum tomatoes ),Frittata di maccheroni (egg frittata with leftover pasta),Gnocchi alla sorrentina (potato dumplings baked wit