What are some of the best ways to express "I love you" without actually saying it?

One fine day, I was having a casual conversation with mom.,Me: Mom, did you ever say u201cI love youu201d to Dad? (trying to pull her leg)Mom: Never. Saying I love you is not needed if you can show it through your actions.,After few months:Mom and Dad had a fight. A very bad one, I figured it out easily.,u2018Don't call me againu2019 she said and c

tuna salad recipe and procedure,Why do deli and restaurant tuna salad sandwiches taste so much better than homemade tuna salad? What is their recipe?

Years ago (many years) while working at a local deli. I learned a trick that deliu2019s use when making tuna salad. They add bread crumbs. Bread crumbs soak up any extra liquid so you donu2019t have that little puddle around the tuna salad after it settles. It also gives it more weight so when you buy the sandwich it feels heavier giving the illusi

Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?

Note: someone merged this question now including Linux as well; my answer relates to Windows and macOS only, pertaining to the original question.,(Last updated in March 2017, using macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta and Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update. Though in mid 2018 this answer needs revising on a few notes, most of it still applies.),n,tl;dr,If youu

living room light fixtures,What is the best lighting for a living room?

Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas u2013 This living room ceiling lighting ideas are some simple creative new plan for your luxury home design. A home is a special place for its occupants, ensuring safety and comfort in a corner of their own. People want their homes to be comfortable and inviting, and nowadays with the increasing awareness about th

What are some examples of people who had personalityskill changes after a brain injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often referred to as the silent epidemic. This is due to the fact no one can see the damaged brain. After the survivor returns home, people often believe the individual should be u201cover it.u201d,Poor short-term memory is one change that is virtually universal. There is no part of the brain that does not involve me

what does the color yellow mean,What do you think about the color blue?

I love the color blue!,Itu2019s a lovely color, giving anything this blissful calming aura. At least, thatu2019s what I think.,It feels like such an inspirational color. You can find blue in a lot of places. You can look up.,If you live in the Northeastern US, you can go a few miles away to any lake, seeing as most lakes are this beautiful shining

living room wall paint colors catalog,How do I pick paint colors for my houses interior?

You didn't mention your personality, budget, who the household will consist of, health conditions such as insomnia, or location.,My home color philosophy begins with knowing your u201ctoneu201d - meaning warm toned colors or cool toned colors. Then clear or muted colors. [You also want to have an idea how long you'll be there. If you are moving for

how to boost gsm signal in home,How can you boost your cell signal at home for free?

If you struggle to get reliable cell signal at home, then there are a few things you can try for free:,Update your phone,Switch to a less crowded network,Use WiFi calling when itu2019s available,Switch carriers,If all else fails, then you can look into your options for installing a cell signal booster. These work by amplifying signal from nearby ce

What is the differences and similarities between a lawyer and computer engineer?

U.S. perspectiveI was not an engineer. However, I did study computer science as an undergrad, and I wrote software for three years before attending law school.,I will start with the similarities and overlaps between writing code and practicing law as I do:,I tend toward details, intense focus, precision, and formality of expression, which are helpf

shrimp linguine pasta recipe,What are the best side dishes for fried shrimp?

I would choose a side dish with a texture contrast. Soft and/or creamy. Orzo, a rice-shaped pasta, compliments breaded butterfly shrimp by adding a festive, out-of-the-ordinary touch. There are many online recipes. Couscous also complements fried shrimp and can be flavored the same way as orzo. Creamy polenta would be a favorite of mine. Cheesy ric