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1:Introductory provisions

Applicability of Terms of Use. If you are a non-registered User of the Site, only the provisions on the nature and use of the Site, in particular clauses 1, 2 and 10 of these Terms of Use, shall apply to you. For registered Users, these Terms of Use shall apply in full, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them, particularly clauses 3 to 12 thereof, which constitute the service contract between the registered User and us.

2:Site content

2.1 Nature of the service. The Site contains up-to-date information on sporting events, in particular real-time sporting results, final results, fixtures, line-ups and other sporting statistics and sporting content. Results and other statistical information displayed on the Site are based on information provided by other independent sources (from third parties), internal efforts or other official applications. Whilst we make every effort to regularly update the content and check the results or other information displayed on the Site, we do not make any promises or grant any warranties about the Site, and we encourage you to thoroughly check the information collected on the Site with original and other sources as well. The use of and reliance on the results and other information displayed on the Site is your sole responsibility. Depending on the region, language or other circumstances affecting the target market and audience of the Site, the Site may also feature sports coverage consisting of our content or content from third parties.

2.2 Use of the Site at your own risk. We are providing the Site, and all the communication and information stored and presented therein, with reasonable skill and care, and substantially in the manner described in these Terms of Use. However, your access to the Site, use of the Site, downloading of any software relating to the Site, and use of any information we may provide in connection with the Site, is at your sole option, discretion, risk, and for your personal use only. You may not use the Site for any commercial purpose.

2.3 Registration and Paid Content. We require registration in order to access certain parts or functions of the Site (Article 3 of the Terms of Use). Registration may be conditional upon you reaching a certain age. Without registration, you may not be able to view all content and the functionality of the Site may be limited. Furthermore, the availability of certain features or content may be subject to payment of a fee.

2.4 Third party content. The site contains third-party content obtained from external applications and resources that we are not responsible for. All third-party content available via the Site is not hosted on our servers and is not created or uploaded by us to the hosting server, where such content is located. Third party content is usually marked with an appropriate logo, icon or other third-party identifier. We expressly exclude any liability in connection with such content, its availability or the information contained therein.

2.5 Display of advertising. You agree that advertising, including third party advertising, may be displayed on the service..

2.6 Relationship to gambling. Use of the Site is entirely at your own risk. The Site is not a gaming or gambling application. We do not provide games or gambling; therefore, we do not hold or control your financial or other resources and do not participate in any gambling transactions. The betting odds displayed on the Site are presented for news purposes. No communication or information published on the Site constitutes a recommendation to participate in a game or to place a bet, nor does it constitute legal, tax or other similar advice in connection with gaming or gambling.

2.7 Local law. You are advised to comply with the applicable laws of the country in which you are temporarily or permanently resident, present and/or a citizen of.

2.8 Content rights. Texts, photographs, graphic works and other elements contained in the Site may be protected by copyright individually and/or as a whole (collectively, the "Copyright Works"). Unless otherwise agreed in writing with us or with the owners of the Copyright Works, if it is a third-party content, fair use of Copyright Works may only occur to the extent and in the manner provided for by the applicable law. In particular, the use of Copyright Works in the form of reproduction (copying) for direct or indirect economic gain, as well as their use in the form of distribution, rental, display or communication to the public (including communication to the public via the internet) is not permitted without our explicit consent.

2.9 Database protection. The contents of the database contained in the Site ("Database Content") are protected by a special right of the database provider. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with us, Database Content may only be lawfully used to the extent and in the manner provided by the applicable law. In particular, no extraction (copying) or utilization (making available to the public) of Database Content or of a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part thereof is permitted without our explicit consent.

2.10 Unauthorized interference. You must not use any mechanism, tool, software or procedure that has or could adversely affect the operation of our facilities, the security of the Internet or other Internet users. You may not burden our server on which the Site is hosted with automated requests, nor may you assist any third party in such activity. You may not modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the website in any way, unless otherwise provided for by generally binding legal regulations. Furthermore, you are not permitted to use the content of the website by embedding, aggregating, scraping or recreating it without our express consent, unless otherwise provided for by generally binding legal regulations.

2.11 Copyright and trademark infringement. Your infringement of copyright, trademark rights or infringement of the special rights of the database provider may result in civil, administrative, or criminal liability.

3:Conclusion of a service contract

3.1 Proposal submission. You may make a proposal to enter into a service contract by clicking on the "Continue via email" button, completing and submitting the information in the registration form located on the Site (the "Registration Request"). You warrant that the information provided in the Registration Request form is correct for the purposes of these Terms of Use.

3.2 Proposal acceptance. Upon receipt of a Registration Request, we will send to the e-mail address provided in the Registration Request ("User's Address") the information necessary to make the User's account operational or to allow you to use the service ("Acceptance"). Upon delivery of Acceptance to you, the service contract is concluded.

3.3 Use of third-party registration. If you use an existing registration with a third party (for example, a social network registration), you may send us a proposal to conclude a service contract by clicking on the relevant button with the logo, trademark or service name of the third party. Following the delivery of the proposal for the conclusion of a service contract according to the previous sentence to us, you will be allowed to use the service. By allowing you to use the service, the service contract is concluded.

3.4 Consent to the provision of the service. You agree that we may commence the provision of the service pursuant to the service contract immediately upon its conclusion, even before the expiration of the statutory period for withdrawal from the service contract.

3.5 Costs of means of communication. You agree to the use of remote means of communication when entering into the service contract. Costs incurred by you in using a means of distance communication in connection with the conclusion of a service contract (e.g. internet connection costs) shall be borne by you and shall not differ from the basic rate for the use of the means of communication.

4:Content of the service contract

4.1 Subject matter of the contract. Under the service contract, we will allow you to use the service through the Site, including the content and features that are subject to registration. In addition, the availability of certain features or content may be subject to payment of a fee, attainment of a certain age, a stable internet connection, or the version of your device's operating system that we support.

4.2 Contents of the contract. The Terms of Use form an integral part of the service contract.

4.3 Contract language. The service contract is concluded in the English language.

5:Terms of service

5.1 Inability to provide the service. We may not provide the service if this is prevented by difficulties on your or any other person’s part. In particular, we will not provide the service in the event of power outages, data network outages, other failures caused by third parties or acts of God.

5.2 Service outages. Service outages, temporary limitations, interruptions, or degradation of service may occur during the provision of the service. Information stored by you within the service may not be backed up by us, may be corrupted or otherwise degraded.

5.3 Quality of service limitation. To the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for (i) any malfunctions of the computer programs relating to the Site we make available, (ii) bugs or viruses resulting in lost data, (iii) any other damage to your computer equipment, mobile phone or mobile device, or software, (iv) errors (including errors in inputs, presented data and results), and (v) any attempts by you to use the Site by methods, means or ways not intended by us. We reserve the right to suspend, modify, remove and/or add to the Site in our sole discretion and to the extent permitted by law, as well as the right to suspend your use of our Site from time to time. We will not be liable for any such action.